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Can I get contacts sidebar to default to "Personal Addresses" rather than "All Address Books" after quitting and relaunching TB?

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Running TB 38.0 on an iMac, OS 10.6.8. This seems to be new problem as of the past day or two. I noticed all sorts of extraneous contacts listed in the sidebar, and realized that those were in an address book, separate from my personal addresses, that lists incoming addresses I've granted permission to load "remote content." Eventually, I realized that this was because the pop-up at the top of the contacts sidebar was set to display "all address books" rather than my "personal address book." If I reset the pop-up to "personal address book," it displays the correct list, and will default to the "personal address book" in subsequent composition windows that I open during the same session. However, if I quit TB, when I relaunch TB the sidebar reverts to "All Address Books" by default. How can I get it to retain "personal address book" by default, even if this is the first message I'm composing after launching TB? It did so in the past!

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To be honest I am getting cross-eyed trying to read all these postings about this address book issue. Far too confusing with this very technical stuff. I have TB 38.1.0 and all I know is that when I start TB the default address book in the side bar is now "All addresses", which I DO NOT like at all! Just so I'm clear on this, is a fix in the works so that it behaves like before? Meaning, when I open TB for first time that day or 50th time that day will the address book be the one I selected last time? That's all I want. Not asking for the moon. Thanks, DWK :o)

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DaveWK said

TNot asking for the moon. Thanks, DWK :o)

Are you sure. This thread makes it clear the developers are working on it. More writing here does nothing but keep me busy replying to folk that either can not be bothered reading or fail to understand what they read.

The cake is in the oven. When it is done baking it will be released.

In one of the 6 weekly security and stability updates most likely. Until then. Nothing will change.

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Hi Matt: My apologies! I don't mean to cause any additional work for you, or anyone else. I selected "I have this problem too" then wanted to add my two cents worth. I was aware that someone was working on it but it puzzles me that it should be any effort at all since previous releases did not do that. I don't know much about coding except some Lisp in the past and I know that many functions are separately written functions that are called from within the main code. I've had to fix "oops!" things like this before and what I did was just go back to the previous iteration for the particular errant function in question. Now, having said that I don't know how the coding in this type of thing is written but I should think for the very smart people doing this it should not take long. It also makes me wonder why this wasn't noticed in the very first testing of 38.0 and corrected then. No need to respond to this. Regards, Dave

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When there are no employees, everything is a bigger issue. However the all address book is new and it would appear that the change had the undesired effect of "forgetting" the selected address books between sessions. It might sound simple, but this is just the sort of regression that does slip through. It works fine for the developer and also for anyone manually testing the change. It is only between restarts that the setting is forgotten.

I for one still would not have noticed the change. It is probably a year since I actually went into my address book, unless it was to try and understand what someone else was having trouble with. I set my address book, if I do, from the compose window contacts pane and as I insert addresses by typing The change from personal address book to all addresses would basically go unremarked, as all address books are searched. What I noticed was when the address I was typing changed when I moved the mouse.

Thunderbird is an extremely complex program with code in some places that dates from Netscape corporation. Changing things is easy. Wading through the complex interactions and avoiding regressions. That is hard.

Then reading comment 32 in the bug The old address book behavior was not saved either, just the personal address book was the first in the list. So what we are seeing is a request for new functionality that did not exist in prior versions.

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Matt, You seem to be the guy who knows what is going on here. I have been using T-Bird since it's 1srt iteration and have talked lots of others into using it. I can't begin to comprehend some of the technical comments you made but nothing I have seen to fix this problem works.

All I want is to have T-bird default to my 'Personal address book' all the time instead of "All Address Books". I am having to constantly stop my work flow to click the little drop down bar so I can see the only addresses that matter to my work. It is a real pain.

it would be nothing but a waste of time for me to read technical papers on it. I (and our computer club) just need to know if there is something I can do to fix this now?

Thanks very much.


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And BTW (I had missed your last post), It may be that for some the setting stays on personal until the program is closed and reopened but I assure you this is not the case for me. I use my computer all day long. I never close T-bird and I have to re-select Personal at least 80% of the time and almost certainly over 90% of the time. It is rare that I begin a new email and find it still on 'Personal'.

Still, IMH (and ignorant) O, it only makes sense that we should be able, as we once were, to select 'Personal' and it would stay there.

thanks again,


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