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I am not able to copy bookmarks to desktop. This started a few days ago.

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I ran Spybot and Adaware. I cleaned my computer and it seems to be working better. I installed Adblock and I am not getting ads which is really nice. I noticed that my bookmarks on my desktop will not work now. Also, if I try to drag the block or circle to the desktop, it will not work. I have reset Firefox, started in safe mode without AdBlock. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch.

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You probably were thinking this was a no win situation, and I would tend to agree with you, except when I have problems, I do not give up until they are solved. I have learned an incredible amount about the window registry, Firefox, add-ons, lnk files, desktop shortcuts and what should be there.

I finally stumbled on something. Uninstall IE8. I still run XP (not say anything, I like it but know I must upgrade). Could not remove it as I have SP3. Found a work around, and voila. I got the courage to put in the run box and I will be darned... I am back to IE 6. And... I can once again drag and drop bookmarks onto the desktop.

When problems occur, it can be a great teacher if one is willing. Thank you for all the information you gave me. Just an FYI in the future, if someone has this problem and is using Firefox and doesn't care about IE, uninstall the current version. It will roll IE back to the last version and in the process, fix all the registry problems.

This problem is solved....!!!!

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You can't move the site address to the desktop and the desktop shortcuts don't work?

deskCut {web link} This extension adds desktop shortcut creation to the context-menu for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Did you use Firefox to create the shortcuts? Open one up and check it. Right click on it, select Edit

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This started after I used Spybot, Adaware and Combofix. I have saved bookmarks on my desktop for a very long time. If you right click on the icon, it now says print, send to, cut copy, create shortcut, delete rename, etc.

I also encountered another problem. Start, help and support. I get a message that says the helpctr.exe is missing. On reboot, I hear a sound like the one you get when you have done something wrong. It is probably the file not being loaded.

I am not sure what running the spyware programs have to do with the bookmark issue but that is when it started. I have a folder with bookmarks. All the icons have been replaced with a default picture I guess. I have looked at properties, don't see anything.

Frustrating problem at best.

Oh, I am running XP in case you need to know that. Firefox is up-to-date as well.

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helpctr.exe = Windows

Perform a System File Check to fix corrupted system files

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Hi Fred:

I saw the link but that is for windows 7.  I have windows XP.  I went to the website but could not find a system check for XP.  At this point I don't dare do anything.

Will the link you sent work for XP?

Thanks for your help.

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Are you dragging the tab or "Site Identity Button" (globe/padlock) on the location/address bar to the desktop?

You can try to hold down the Ctrl key to make a copy.

A desktop shortcut opens with the default browser. So if that isn't working then the setting of the default browser might be broken

Make sure that Firefox is set correctly as the default browser. Try to redo the default browser setting and temporarily set another browser as the default browser.

You can create a copy of the Firefox desktop shortcut and add the URL to the Target line to make sure the link is opened with Firefox even if Firefox isn't the default browser.

Modified by cor-el

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Do you still want me to do a system checker? I need one for XP.

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Fred. I make IE the default browser and rebooted the computer. Then I made Firefox the default. Still the same problem. I Drug the bookmark to the desktop and it does not work. It is not getting the icon picture either. Just don't understand what happened.

I uninstalled firefox yesterday and then reinstalled it. Still the same problem. There has got to be something going on in the registry maybe. I have not done a lot in the registry so I am not sure what to try.


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I Drug the bookmark That would have been fun to watch  ;-)

See if this link can help you; Microsoft Fix it Solution Center: troubleshooting software issues

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Should I have said dragged the bookmark?? LOL

I tried the link. Nope. Nothing has changed. Dang, I have these kind of problems...

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I hate these kinds of problems. What to do????

What about the helpctr.exe. Do you think that has anything to do with any of this.?

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Does Firefox opens with a link if you open an HTML file in Windows Explorer?

If that works then that part of the default browser works.

Did you try to modify a copy of the Firefox desktop shortcut like I wrote above?

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Fred: Yesterday I did get a bookmark to work on the desktop but I cannot remember how I did it. Gheez. At any rate, I looked at the properties of that and it says Type of File: Firefox HTML docment Opens with: Firefox. There is a button on the right that says change so I can change which program it opens with. When I first open this document, all the pictures are gone but the if I hit home, for the website's home, everything clears up.

The other links say Type of file: internet shortcut. Description: The name of the shortcut.

It does not say Opens with... There is no change button.

Your suggestion: You can create a copy of the Firefox desktop shortcut and add the URL to the Target line to make sure the link is opened with Firefox even if Firefox isn't the default browser.

Ok, don't think I am a dumby but the "target line" to copy the URL???? There is the target line?

I also read something about the profile, a certain file that needs to be deleted, or it has reached its limit and has stopped.


I have not had a change to try what you said as I am working right now but I will try that.

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If you have a register scan / repair program, try it out. Some anti-virus programs have one. Others are available from a number of sites.

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Ok. I will look for something in the morning. I am going to include a screen shot. I was looking at defaulting Firefox. There was mention of going into add/remove programs and program access. Custom, web broswer. It said current. I defaulted to Firefox. Nothing changed. Then I looked at the options, advanced, and general. Do you see where it says.

System defaults. That is totally missing. I see nothing below Check my spelling as I type.

That seems odd to.

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The registry scan did not work. I used two different programs.

I don't know how to fix this problem. What a mess.

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This suggested worked: Does Firefox opens with a link if you open an HTML file in Windows Explorer?

If that works then that part of the default browser works.

I have uninstalled Firefox according to support directions, deleting the folder. I reinstalled. I am still unable to create a desktop icon for the website. It is not recognizing the information.

It uses the white box with 6 dots inside it. There is some configuration for file association that perhaps is not right? I went into windows explorer, tools, file type, internet shortcuts. There is no program associated with that. The Open with: Change is grayed out and I am not able to associate internet files. Not sure if this is right but that is what it says.

Please do not give up on me. I will get this.

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Did you try out the deskCut add-on from my first message ?

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Yes, I tried that. No good.

I have read that when you right click on the desktop icon, there are two tabs. One is a general tab and then a Web document tab. I have only ONE tab, General tab. I am totally missing the web document tab. The web document tab tells how the icon is opening. As far as I can tell, there is no web address associated with the desktop icon to point it to a website.

Call me crazy, but there is some file association problem going on.

Any clues? Janis

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Furthermore, from what I have read, when I click on tools, Options, advanced, I am totally missing the bottom part of the screen that talks about defaulting to firefox. Everywhere I have looked at talks about a default box at the bottom of this screen. You can see I do not have that.


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I included the desktop icon properties in the last post. You can see that I am missing the Web Document tab.

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