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My sim card is no longer recognized by the ZTE Open sold on EBay

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After 6 month of happy usage of my ZTE Open, manually upgraded to Firefos OS 1.3.

My phone suddenly does not recognize my sim card any more.

I performed some tests with other phones, other operators, and other sim cards that lead me to tell that the problem comes from the phone.

There was no special event that can explain this problem (no fall, no update, no water...).

I tried to retart the phone, to reset it. No way the sim card is recognized.

I seem to be able to call and receive phone calls, but no sms and no data.

Can you please help ?

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Same thing with me, but SMS and data seem to work fine. Only seems to affect Usage app on my phone (ZTE Open C).

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Thank you for contacting Mozilla. I understand that you are having problems with using your phone after a software update. In order to better understand and investigate on the issue that you are encountering, please reply to this message with the following information:

  • What is the OS version found in the Device Information page? Please visit this link if you need help finding the Build ID of your phone.
  • Where did you receive the update from? Are you able to provide us with a link?
  • Who is your current cell phone carrier?
  • How often do you encounter this issue?

Please be sure to include as much detail as possible, including any websites that may exhibit this issue, and any error messages that you may be receiving, exactly as they appear. This will ensure that we will have all the information needed to investigate into this. Thank you for your help and we look forward to hearing from you!

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No, there is a misunderstanding. The problem did not came after a software update. I bought the phone to ZTE Uk in january, then I immediatly upgraded the phone to Firefox OS 1.3. Then I used the phone without problem for 6 months.

Then, in august, the problem came. I don't think it is linked to any software update.

Still, I will answer your question : - the phone model is know as "roamer2" - the current OS is "Boot2Gecko" - I've downloaded the update somewhere from internet, I can't exactly remember where - I've had the issue in august for the first time, and now I always have the same message "no sim card inserted" (in french)

I can update the firmware with any release that you would indicate to me, if needed.

For the moment, the is not usable any more. I'll be please to get your help in order to make this ZTE Open usable for an every day usage.

I can update to Firefox OS 1.4 or 2.0, even in prerelease, if that could fix the issue.

Thank you.

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Hi, This sounds like there is not official update from ZTE for the ZTE open C. Since this is the prerelease build, did you use comebuy upgrade tool?

The hosted build for UK

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Hi zteopenuser2,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems sending/receiving SMS and with the data on your ZTE Open C from Ebay.

I would suggest attempting to re-flash the original, official image listed on ZTE's website:

I would also suggest contacting ZTE directly for support. If this is a hardware issue, or a device-specific issue, the manufacturer will be able to investigate and assist you with this.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if your problem is resolved, or if you have any other questions about your Firefox OS device.


- Ralph

Modified by Ralph Daub

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Hi guigs2,

You're talking about the ZTE Open C, I'm talking about the ZTE Open (not "C").

Do you know if the developers tools for the ZTE Open C is also compatible with the ZTE Open (not "C") phone ?

Modified by zteopenuser2

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Hi Ralph,

I did as you said, I tried to install the original image from ZTE, I took the image from the website of ZTE : Location : United Kingdom Type : Smart Phone Product : OPEN(European standard)

Then I took this image : "OPEN(European Standard) SD card upgrading instruction & software package(ebay)-2376270OPEN_EU_DEV_FFOS_V1.1.0B02(for V1.1)"

I unzipped the archive and I copied the file named "" to the internal SD card.

I then booted to the clockworkmod recovery and tried to install this archive.

I got the following error :

-- Installing: /sdcard/ Findinf update package... Opening update package... Installing update... assert failed: getprop_new("") == "OPEN_EU_DEV_FFOS_" E:Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7) Installation aborted.

Still stuck.

If I need to contact ZTE Uk, what the entry point for it ? The ebay store does not mention any email (and they do not respond to my ebay internal messages), and the ZTE Uk contact page is rerouting to another ZTE website outside Uk...

I'm lost...

Ok, thank to this thread : I managed to downgrade Firefox OS to the following version : OPEN_EU_DEV_FFOS_V1.1.0B02 (the thread removes some checks and allow to keep clockworkmod as the recovery).

I hope this will allow the ZTE to recognize my SIM card now...

Modified by zteopenuser2

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Downgrading the ZTE Open to the following release of Firefox OS fixed the problem : OPEN_EU_DEV_FFOS_V1.1.0B02

I can now have my sim card detected.

I happy to see that the hardware is working, but I'm sad to see that it appears to be impossible to update a smartphone running a free OS. My smartphone seems to be not smart at all... :-(

Firefox 1.1 is buggy and hardly usable. I was considering that Firefox OS 1.3 was the first release of Firefox OS that was really usable on a day to day usage.

I don't understand what prevents me from compiling a release of Firefox OS and installing is on my smartphone ? Why should we have to wait for the manufacter to do it for me ? Isn't is a free software ?

I bought this smartphone running under Firefox OS 1.0 thinking that I could upgrade it to any new release of Firefox OS. If this is not possible, this phone is finally not usable, and I wouldn't have bought it !

Is it the same thing with the ZTE Open C that is officially distributed and available in France ?

Is Firefox OS a free software held captive by ZTE ?