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Can't share sd card as usb disk

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I'm running FirefoxOs 1.1 on an Alcatel Fire. I have activated the two options needed to share the sd card (which is working fine) as a usb disk but my computer (Debian) doesn't recognize it. When I connect the phone it creates an sdb entry in /dev but with no partition (sdb1).

So far, the only way of achieving this is by issuing the command described here ( under "Adding usb access to sdcard" > step 5. I have to do this every time I connect the phone, of course.

Additional information: - The sd card is working fine. I can use it on the computer with a microsd adapter. - The sd card works fine on the phone also. - I have enabled the usb disk and shared the sd card in the phone. - The page I linked says the partition should appear when I unlock the home screen, I did try that but it still doesn't work.

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This was resolved for me in version rev 01020.

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Hi lufte, Thank you for your question. This forum is meant for use cases, and this may be a question for

Have you enabled USB storage on the Settings option, are there other apps using the storage and have you rooted the phone?

Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi guigs2, thanks for your reply.

I don't understand why this isn't a use case, sharing the sdcard is one of the features of the OS.

I have enabled the USB storage and the "Share SD card" option. I didn't know about the bug you mention, but that doesn't seem to be the cause either.

The phone is not rooted, it's pretty default in every aspect.

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Hi lufte,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems accessing the SD Card in your Firefox OS in your Debian system.

Have you always had this problem with your Alcatel OTF v1.1? Does it get detected automatically in other operating systems or other Linux distros?

I'm not a Linux expert, but I'm curious if Debian is having problems mounting the device automatically, and if so, whether there would be a way to automate the process.


- Ralph

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Hi luffe I am not having that problem in debian but I thought if you could have a look into your logs basically run this command

tail -f /var/log/syslog

Does it report seeing the mount point?

another way you can check mnt points is with the below commands

ls /dev/sd*

It is correct you should be able to just plug it in once it is enabled and then unlock the screen, lets see if you can get some more logs etc?

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Hi Ralph Daub and AimeeMaree, thanks for your responses.

Ralph Daub: the phone is fairly new, but yes, I have had the issue since I bought it. I had a chance of testing it in Windows and it works normally, so it seems to be a linux-related problem. It's particular to the phone though, because I can auto-mount every kind of device in this computer.

AimeeMaree: here is the log. It's all the activity since I plug the phone, unlock the screen, wait a little and then unplug it. The device (sdb) appears in /dev as soon as I plug it, but the mount point doesn't. If I try to mount the device it returns (obviously) an error, but after this the mount point (sdb1) magically appears and I can mount it normally.

I have checked with a different sd card having the same results.

Edit: This is the log with the activity that occurs when I try to mount the device (sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt/Fire) like I said before.

Modified by lufte

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Thank you for providing further details it does seem to be a device/linux issue with detection from your use case. I have just got my hands on an Alcatel so sorry for the delay in response. It seems I can replicate your issue I am looking more into this and I will keep you posted.

Thank you for reporting this, can I ask which Windows Manager you are using? I am seeing this replicated in Gnome3.

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Thanks for the support AimeeMaree. I'm running debian+xfce, and the kernel is 3.14-1. I tested it on an older kernel (3.2) but there was no change.

Feel free to ask me more information or logs if you need.

Thanks again.

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Chosen Solution

This was resolved for me in version rev 01020.