Working with events

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This article describes how to manage and work with events in the Lightning extension.

Creating events

To create an event, please read the Creating a new event or task article. If you'd like to create a recurring event instead, please see Creating a recurring event instead.

Add/Invite Attendees

You can add attendees when creating a new event or when editing an event. There are 2 ways you can add attendees when in the Edit/New Event windows:

  • Using the menu item Options -> Invite Attendees...
  • Using the Invite Attendees menu item in the Events Window

After using one of the methods above, you will see the "Invite Attendee" window:


You can add attendees by adding their email address or name. Your Address book is linked to these fields so auto-complete is working in the same way when composing emails.

Attendees States

You can switch the status of attendees by clicking on the icons in front of their name/email address. The various states are:




Attendees Roles

You can switch the role of attendees by clicking on the icons in front of their name/email address. The various roles are:




The default email personality for the calendar the event belongs to will be seen as the default CHAIR. You can not un-invite this person or change this person's role.