Which devices can I use to join a Hubs room?

Hubs is very cross-platform compatible. Since Hubs runs in the browser it works across many different platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and VR devices and most modern browsers.

Supported devices & browsers

For 2D experience

Hubs works on most modern desktop browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also works on most mobile browsers for Android, and Safari on iOS.

For VR experience

For Desktop VR (Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, or HTC Vive) Hubs works when used with a WebVR compatible browser (e.g. Firefox). Users must also have either Oculus Desktop App (Oculus rift), or SteamVR installed (Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive).

For Standalone VR devices (Pico Neo 2, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go) Hubs works in the Mozilla Firefox Reality Browser or the Oculus Browser.

Mobile phone powered VR systems, such as Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard, work using the Google Chrome browser.

Note that some features may be limited on low-powered devices such as mobile phones.

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