Test Pilot - try Firefox's experimental features

Test Pilot is a playground where the adventurous can help innovate Firefox. Try out Firefox’s experimental features before they’re released. Break them. Tell us how to improve them. Help us decide which features to bring to the rest of the world.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Install Test Pilot

All you need to do is sign up for a Firefox Account and install the Test Pilot add-on through the Test Pilot home page. It doesn’t require a restart. We’ve outlined all the steps below.

  1. Visit https://testpilot.firefox.com/.
  2. You’ll need a Firefox Account to install Test Pilot. Don’t have an account? You’ll have the chance to sign up as you follow these steps. Click “Get Started with a Firefox Account”.
  3. Sign in to Firefox Accounts (if you have one) or create an account by clicking “Sign Up”. If you’re creating a new account, check your inbox for an email confirmation and meet us back here.
  4. After you've signed in, click Install Test Pilot.
    install test pilot addon
  5. Click Allow in the notification to let Firefox know you're okay with installing this add-on.
    test pilot allow
  6. Click Install.
    install test pilot button
  7. Firefox will show a message to let you know that Test Pilot was successfully installed. See the spaceship icon on your toolbar? That means that Test Pilot is ready for action. Clicking that icon will let you to see your active experiments, as well as the option to view all experiments, for those who can’t get enough.
    test pilot active experiments
Why am I seeing different experiments? The experiments listed here might be different from the ones you see. We're always trying new stuff.

Activate and disable experiments

Choose from experiments at the bottom of the Test Pilot home page. If an experiment catches your eye, click “Get Started” to see more details about that experiment.

  1. When you find an experiment, click its “Enable” button to activate it.
  2. To stop an experiment, click the “Disable” button to leave an experiment.

Give feedback

After you’ve experimented with a feature, tell us what you think. Test Pilot will periodically prompt you to take a survey to let us know how we can make features better. If you can’t wait for a survey, click the Give Feedback button from an experiment page to tell us how it went. Tell us everything!


For now, Test Pilot is available worldwide, but only in English.

Leave Test Pilot

You can leave all experiments and uninstall Test Pilot at any time. Click the … icon at the top right corner of the Test Pilot home page or any experiment page and then click Leave Test Pilot.

  1. Test Pilot menu
  2. You’ll see a message asking you to confirm. Here’s your chance to change your mind by clicking “Cancel”! Otherwise, click “Proceed” to leave Test Pilot. This will disable all of your active experiments.

Your privacy

We believe in transparency. You can read the full Test Pilot Privacy Policy to understand what data Test Pilot collects and how it is used.

Each Test Pilot experiment also has its own easy-to-understand Privacy Policy. You can find it in the left hand column of each experiment’s home page. You can also click the Your Privacy link next to the experiment’s “Enable” button.

enable activity stream
Sample privacy policy:
sample privacy test pilot

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