Sharing from Pocket on your computer


Pocket’s website provides multiple ways to share your saved items. Continue reading to learn how to share your saves outside of Pocket.

Open the share menu

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Locate the item you wish to share and click the Share button. In your saves or archive, if your display option is set to grid view you can hover your mouse over the item you wish to share to see the share button (and other options) appear. In article view, you’ll find the share button at the top of the article.

Share options

The overflow menu

Click the overflow menu (with three dots) on an item in your saves to copy the link, or open it directly outside of Pocket with the "view original" option. You'll also find a view original option just below the title in article view.

Sharing from Pocket on Computer 2

The share menu

When you open the share menu, you’ll see a few categories of share options.

  • Social media: Choose from several popular social media sites.
Sharing from Pocket on Computer 3
  • Recommend: Post the story to your public profile. You can add a comment to go along with your post.
Sharing from Pocket on Computer 4


Like most websites, you can print by clicking File > Print in your browser menu.

Sharing from Pocket on Computer 5

Common Questions

I’d like to share to a service that isn’t listed. How can I do this?

When sharing to other services that have not been integrated with Pocket, just click the View Original button in the overflow menu of your saves, or in Article View and copy the link in your browser. You can also open the overflow menu in your saves and select Copy Link. From here, you can paste the link in apps and services outside of Pocket.

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