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Revision Status S Editor R Comment
Current   Joni clarification edits per Janet of product team
Approved M Joni updated per bug 1617136
Approved   AliceWyman minor edit
Approved   Rashid It was a little confusing and hard to read. So I edited for clarity.
Approved M Lamont Gardenhire Updates for fx72 and other edits
Approved M AliceWyman updates, new images for fx70
Reviewed M n5mx people want to not be bothered by this anti feature
Reviewed M yoasif added location blocking
Approved M AliceWyman Receive Notifications -> Send Notifications for fx64; purged pre-fx60 content
Approved M jbal4 updated to remove “How do I disable WebPush completely?” section
Approved M Artist updated link (IETF spec protocol) in line 37
Approved M AliceWyman added image for fx59, template for not fx56 and other small changes
Approved M Underpass Template:optionspreferences
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx56AllowNotifications added; New section "How do I stop Firefox asking me .." is for fx59 (bug 1368744)
Approved M jscher2000 (Firefox 58+) Added section on using the new default permission.
Approved M Tonnes add periods
Unreviewed   therul Append "completely" for clarity
Approved M therul Add a new "disable web push" section
Approved   Tonnes nits
Approved M AliceWyman updated for fx56, other edits (see discussion)
Unreviewed   Ömer Timur added a new uploaded -Notified Site Info button- icon to my pending rev.
Unreviewed   Ömer Timur added a pic (removing permission on Control center) x button to Note
Approved M Joni updated for 57
Approved   Tonnes prettify CC link, comma -> comma "or"
Approved M Joni updated for 45
Approved   tanvi fixed plural/singular issue in a sentence
Reviewed M tanvi fixed plural/singular issue in a sentence
Unreviewed   Tonnes add ellipsis for Choose button, remove comma, replace one "notifications" by "them" (4 occ. in 2 lines)
Approved M AliceWyman added Content panel image for winxp,linux,mac
Approved   Joni fixed some language (tanvi's suggestions)
Approved M Joni added more info to upgraded notifications
Approved   Artist minor changes and consistency
Approved M Joni changed to "Web Push"
Approved M Joni edited example notifications paragraph
Approved M Joni push
Approved M Joni linkified api
Unreviewed   Joni added changes from team
Approved M AliceWyman edit to paragraph on revoking permission for all sites
Approved M AliceWyman How do I disable Push? -> "How do I revoke Push permissions?" - see discussion
Unreviewed   AliceWyman added TOC, removed " permanently" from "How do I disable Push? section (see discussion)
Approved M Joni reverting my changes back to original. needs more discussion before we make further changes
Approved M Joni some minor style edits. We'll continue tuning this up when the feature gets to Beta.
Approved M Joni added hidden note for contributors
Approved M AliceWyman Firefox menu >options/preferences > Content, and other small edits
Approved M Artist minor edits (arrows+syntax = proposal only)
Approved M tanvi Made changes described by wmaggs in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1209992#c15
Approved MT tanvi Replaced updated with upgraded to match the notification prompt given by the browser
Unreviewed   tanvi Removed the html to make the updated-notifications work. Just undoing the last revision
Unreviewed   tanvi Added link to "Updated Notifications" section
Unreviewed   tanvi Converted number steps to use # for formatting.
Unreviewed   tanvi Added content from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/push/ plus updated notifications and summary section from the google doc
Unreviewed   Joni test redirect
Unreviewed   Joni placeholder

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