Perform price comparisons in Firefox Lite

Firefox Lite allows you to perform price comparisons for specific products across various shopping sites.

To perform price comparisons in Firefox Lite

  1. Open the Firefox Lite app.
  2. Tap the Price Comparison icon icon on the left at the bottom of the Firefox Lite home screen.
  3. Enter a name of a product in the search field.
    Search suggestions display above the search field based on what you’ve entered.
    Firefox Lite Search Suggestions
  4. Tap the search suggestion that closely matches what you’ve entered or Go from your virtual keyboard (depending on the type of keyboard used).
    Various shopping sites automatically open and display at the bottom of the screen as tabs. You can switch back and forth between these tabs to quickly compare prices. Tap the Firefox Lite Home icon icon at the bottom of the screen to return to the Firefox Lite home screen, or the Firefox Lite Price Comparison icon icon to start a new search.

To manage your shopping search settings

  1. Tap the arrow on the right at the bottom of the screen that is pointing up.
    Firefox Lite Price Comparison Tabs
  2. Tap the toggles on the right to enable or disable any of the shopping sites.
    You can reorder the shopping sites that display here by pressing your finger down and dragging any of the sites up or down.
    Firefox Lite Shopping Search Settings
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