Mozilla official support channels

In this article, you will learn where Mozilla provides official support channels for users and how you can contribute to help.

Official channels

Mozilla Support is optimized for self-service. However, when users are not able to find answers from the Knowledge Base articles, they can reach out to the following official support channels:

Product name Forum support Direct support Twitter support App Store support
Firefox desktop No Yes. Via @FirefoxSupport Microsoft store (partial support)
Firefox enterprise No No No
Firefox for Android No Yes. Via @FirefoxSupport Google Play Store support
Firefox for iOS No Yes. Via @FirefoxSupport Apple AppStore (staff support)
Firefox Focus No Yes. Via @FirefoxSupport Google Play Store
Mozilla VPN No Yes. Via @mozillavpn Google Play Store and Apple AppStore (staff support)
Firefox Relay No No No
MDN Plus No No No
Hubs No No No
Thunderbird No Yes. Via @mozthunderbird No

How you can help

  • To help with the forum, you can contribute to → forum support
  • To help with the Twitter support, you can contribute to → social support
  • To help with app store support, you can contribute to → mobile support

Unofficial channels

In addition to the official channels above, there are other alternatives where users can ask support for Mozilla's products:

Channel name Link
German local forum
Community forum in French

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