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When replying to a review, please remember that you’ll appear under Mozilla’s brand name in Google Play Store. Please, be more mindful when choosing the right words. If you’re unsure about something, please ping the community manager or consult to other contributors in our Matrix channel.

Play Store review example - Play Store view

How to reply

Common responses

Common/canned responses are templates that can be used quickly and easily to get an idea of how to respond to reviews. It is always recommended to personalize your reply, eventhough you're using common responses. The best way to do this is to acknowledge the problem the customer is having.

Check out Mobile Store Support common issues to find common responses for known issues on mobile.

Reply formula

Keep in mind that replies in Google Play Store are limited to 350 characters.

  • Greeting the user by the name, when appropriate
Always provide a greeting. Some may not have a username or use a peculiar one that is not appropriate to be used to address the user back. If you’re unsure, you can use general greetings like “Hi there”.
  • Acknowledge and empathize the issue
Acknowledgement of the issue they are writing and sympathizing are great ways to get the user working with you. Repeating back what you have understood about the problem is a nice way to help build common understanding.
For example: “I’m sorry that the app is [bug they’re reporting]”
Try to frame the issue as a problem the app is having or displaying, instead of saying “I’m sorry you’re having a problem with [issue]." It’s important to not blame the user for the issue that’s happening, even if they’re stating that they’re confused or unsure.
  • Suggest a solution
A good support experience starts off by understanding the problem at hand. Ask questions to the user in a polite and friendly way if you need further information to help. Remember to always frame it in the context of the problem you think they might have.
For example: “You might want to try [suggested fixes here] to fix [the problem here]”
  • Provide a helpful link
Provide some resources that the user can explore on their own. You can use to shorten the link and to save the character limit. See also: How to obtain a shortened link.
  • Ask for feedback
Let them know that we want to know if our solutions worked and we’re still here to help if they don’t.
For example: “Please let us know if this is helpful by leaving an updated review.”
  • Add signature
Signature is a nice way to let the user know who they’re talking to.
For example: -K or ^pw

Reply examples

Bug/issue: Play Store review example - Bug/issue Reply:

Hi there, you might be using the Private Browsing mode when you weren’t able to screenshot. You can allow screenshots on Private Browsing by going to Settings > Private browsing > Allow screenshots in private browsing. Let me know if that works for you. - K

Feature request: Play Store review example - Feature request Reply:

Hi Terry, sorry that you’re having a bad experience with Firefox for Android. You can actually set your tabs to Grid view so you can see their previews all at once. You can also choose to “Delete browsing data on quit” from the Settings menu. Hope that helps! - K

When to escalate

Please refer to this article to learn more about when and how to escalate a conversation on Social or Mobile Support.

Complete Mobile Support guidelines

Go back to the Mobile Support guidelines to continue learn about Mobile Support contribution.

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