Through the Looking Glass

What's happening?

Are you a fan of Mr Robot? Are you trying to solve one of the many puzzles that the Mr Robot team has built? You’re on the right track. Firefox and Mr Robot have collaborated on a shared experience to further your immersion into the Mr Robot universe, also known as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). The effects you’re seeing are a part of this shared experience.

No changes will be made to Firefox unless you have opted in to this Alternate Reality Game.

How do I opt in or out?

To participate, install the Looking Glass add-on from This add-on is available only in the U.S. in English.

If you no longer wish to participate in this shared world experience, enter about:addons into your address bar and remove Looking Glass.

Looking Glass was previously delivered as a Shield study, so you might see looking-glass-2 and pug-experience in your past studies in about:studies. It has already been removed as a study and moved to an add-on so you do not need to take any further action.

The Mozilla - Mr. Robot Connection

The Mr. Robot series centers around the theme of online privacy and security. One of the 10 guiding principles of Mozilla's mission is that individuals' security and privacy on the internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional. The more people know about what information they are sharing online, the more they can protect their privacy.

Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to give people more control over their lives online.

Learn more about the Mozilla Manifesto.

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