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Unreviewed   Rafael Fontenelle Fix typo in constructive
Unreviewed   Anticisco Freeman missing link #7
Current MT Michal Stanke Michał is no longer part of the team
Approved MT vesper adding style guide link
Approved M Tonnes add articles ("the"), image spacing, add note about reviewing revisions based on wrong revisions
Approved M vesper changing to embedded video
Approved M vesper fixing Table of Contents
Approved M vesper adding custom TOC
Approved M vesper adding video link
Approved M vesper updating and expanding the reviewer article
Unreviewed   scootergrisen Image(s) changed from inline to block level
Approved M user917725 removed share article
Approved   KUMARESAN.C.S Add Share Article link
Approved M Rosana added some information on reviwer rights and community building
Approved M Joni edited search snippet
Unreviewed   Joni edited search snippet.
Approved MT Joni Made some minor edits.
Unreviewed   binab revised with new image
Unreviewed   binab revised
Unreviewed   binab Not complete. Please add to it if you feel inspired.

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