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Designed for quick access, this icon gallery is part of our strategy to reduce cognitive load in KB content. These icons help clearly depict interface elements in Firefox Desktop articles, making it easier for readers to follow along without overwhelming visual information. Use this resource to enhance clarity and navigability of your documentation. For tips on effective inline icon usage, refer to Add images and screenshots to Knowledge Base articles.

How to use this Icon Gallery

  1. Select an icon: Find the icon that accurately represents the interface element you are discussing in your article.
  2. Copy the Wiki Code: Each icon listed below comes with a Wiki Code, allowing you to easily embed it inline within your text.
  3. Embed in your article: Paste the Wiki Code directly into the flow of your article. To add images using the SUMO editor, in the toolbar, click IG add image, and then search for the icon you need by entering its name in the search field.
Icon Icon name Wiki code Media gallery URL Alt text
IG back Back [[Image:IG back]] Back
IG bookmark Bookmark [[Image:IG bookmark]] Bookmark
IG blocked popup Blocked popup [[Image:IG blocked popup]] Blocked popup
IG camera off Camera off [[Image:IG camera off]] Camera off
IG camera on Camera on [[Image:IG camera on]] Camera on
IG close Close [[Image:IG close]] Close
IG cookies Cookies [[Image:IG cookies]] Tracking cookies
IG cookies blocked Cookies blocked [[Image:IG cookies blocked]] Tracking cookies blocked
IG critical Critical [[Image:IG critical]] Critical
IG cursor arrow Cursor arrow [[Image:IG cursor arrow]] Cursor arrow
IG edit Edit [[Image:IG edit]] Edit
IG extensions Extensions [[Image:IG extensions]] Extensions
IG folder Folder [[Image:IG folder]] Folder
IG forward Forward [[Image:IG arrow right]] Forward
IG help Help [[Image:IG help]] Help
IG history History [[Image:IG history]] History
IG home Home [[Image:IG home]] Home button
IG information Information [[Image:IG information]] Information
IG location blocked Location blocked [[Image:IG location blocked]] Location blocked
IG location on Location on [[Image:IG location on]] Location on
IG lock warning Lock warning [[Image:IG lock warning]] Lock warning
IG main menu Main menu [[Image:IG main menu]] Main menu
IG mic off Mic off [[Image:IG mic off]] Microphone off
IG mic on Mic on [[Image:IG mic on]] Microphone on
IG notification Notification [[Image:IG notification]] Notification
IG notification blocked Notification blocked [[Image:IG notification blocked]] Notification blocked

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