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When you enter a Hubs room you can interact with others and virtual objects. You can move around, chat to other users in the room via text or audio, create and manipulate objects, take photos, share your screen or camera, draw with a pen and more.

For additional information, see the Get started with Hubs by Mozilla article.


Note: The room moderators can disable many features such as flying, moving, creating objects and more.

Move around

See Hubs controls for details about controls for different device types.

Fly mode

Use the "/fly" command in the chat box to toggle fly mode.

Grow and shrink

Use the "/grow" and "/shrink" commands in the chat box to change the size of your avatar.

Mute audio

Click or tap on the Voice icon on the bottom menu to mute/unmute yourself.

Place Room Objects

Click the Place button on the bottom menu to add a variety of objects to Hubs rooms. We support 3D models, images, videos and PDFs from almost anywhere on the web including SketchFab, Google Poly, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Crunchyroll and more.

You can move, rotate and scale objects freely in the room. To see the list of current room objects, click the Objects button on the top right corner of the screen. When you click on an an object from the list you will see additional options, such as to Pin, Link, View and Delete.

Desktop: Hover your cursor over the object and press the space bar or tab key to see the object options.


Mobile/VR devices: For VR and mobile controls see Hubs controls and choose your device.

Other objects

Pen: Lets you draw in 3D space. You can change the pen's size and color (see Hubs controls), undo strokes, and generate 3D models from your drawing (see the drawing menu).

Camera: Creates a camera object that can take photos and videos of the room then add them to the room as objects. When you take a photo or video, a link also appears in the chat. Click the camera button again to remove the camera object.

Pin objects

By default, an object disappears when it's owner (the person that last touched them) leaves the room. If you would like an object to stay in the room permanently, you can click or tap the pin button from the object menu.


Click the People button to open a list of users. Here you can click Hide to not see or hear them in the room.

Room moderators have extra permissions, such as being able to mute a user's mic or temporarily kick them out of the room.


Click the Chat button on the bottom menu to message users who are in the room and lobby.


Click the Share button in the bottom menu to share your desktop screen, webcam or phone camera with users in the room. The shared media will appear like a video in the room. You can remove the shared media from the object's menu.

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