How to translate SUMO KB articles in Bengali

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This article will help you to translate KB articles in Bengali. If you want to translate SUMO interface look at the article How to localize the SUMO interface .

Steps to Translate Articles:

  1. All Bengali Localizers are following Bengali Localization Style Guide which you can download here.
  2. Use Bengali Input Tool to type in Bengali.
  3. For difficult words use Shabdkosh to translate English words in Bengali.
  4. You can also use Google Translator, but most of the times you might not get the proper translations so use Bengali Online Editor to correct the errors.

How to Choose an Article to Translate

  1. Go to Bengali Localization Dashboard .
  2. Look at most visited articles .
  3. Symbols to look in localization dashboard and what they signifies :
  • circle(green) - translated and approved.
  • circle(yellow) - update needed.
  • rectangle - review needed.
  • red triangle - translation needed.
  1. Choose one untranslated article by clicking অনুবাদ প্রয়োজন

What strings you have to translate.

  1. Title.
  2. Slug: It is auto-generated and it should be of maximum 50 character.
  3. Search Result summary: it can be of maximum 120 character.
  4. Main Body Part of the article:
  • Please do not translate the strings which are in the following brackets [ ],[ [ ] ], { }, and < >.


  1. Ping your local leader or locale reviewer if your article is taking too long time to be reviewed.
  2. If the article is not completely translated and you want to submit, you can submit it leaving a comment "work in progress".

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