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Reviewed M Mkll Updated the image to reflect the new Quantum about:preferences page.
Current M Joni moved DNT instructions to a template because we'll be reusing those instructions a bit for future articles
Approved M Joni updated for 50
Approved M AliceWyman updated for fx49, new screenshot
Unreviewed   AliceWyman Fx46+ added step to click OK ; updated for fx49
Approved M philipp added screenshot for 46 & removed content for old versions
Approved M Tonnes add section for 46+ (needs new screenshot)
Unreviewed   Tonnes move period to end of condition
Approved M Joergen Added image for fx 42 and removed #;
Unreviewed   Underpass thanks joergen ;)
Unreviewed   Underpass simplified fx38+ block
Approved M Francois Marier Comment out something that's not implemented yet, as per https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1234889#c4
Unreviewed   Joergen Added "Request that sites not track you" for fx 42
Approved M Joni added note about DNT and Tracking Protection
Unreviewed   Joni added note about DNT and Tracking Protection
Approved   novica Rewrite search summary to less than 140 characters.
Approved M Tonnes Remove line about saving prefs now it's included in closeOptionsPreferences template (Please set RFL as in-content image has changed)
Approved M Joni Removing TOC since it only shows one item for fx38+
Approved M Heather added Closing the about:preferences page will save any changes you've made automatically.
Approved M Joni updated for fx38
Approved   Tonnes nit: replace bold markup in summary (as it doesn't work - shows ''') with quotes, remove 1 whiteline above toc
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: added link to "Tips to protect your online privacy"
Approved M AliceWyman added Intro, TOC and "Tracking" heading for template
Approved M Lan Corrected ie.uo's revision
Unreviewed   Jon Gregory Changed Mac screenshot to Mac OSX 10.10.2, Firefox 35&36.
Approved M Lan Linux screenshot
Approved M Lan Firefox 36 update again but without InContent Prefs screenshot
Reviewed M Lan Corrected update for Firefox 36
Reviewed M Heather Updated image for Privacy Tracking FF 36 Mac
Approved   user917725 removed share article
Approved   Joni removed period
Reviewed M Cherrie10 Link text
Reviewed M Cherrie10 Link text
Reviewed M Dyvik Chenna search result summary
Approved M Michael Verdi No changes - making ready for localization
Approved   Michael Verdi do-not-track > Do Not Track
Approved   EeyoreGray Change OK to okay, which shoud be used when it isn't a computer command.
Unreviewed   Rory O’Kane grammar: capitalize "OK"
Approved M Michael Verdi Based on Alex's revision - removed Fx 3.6 and 4 content, made tracking template show for all versions, added mac and windows screenshots, replaced turn off instructions with info about other options
Unreviewed   user832823 added fx21 changes & screenshots for linux - Missing screenshots for win & mac
Approved M Michael Verdi New 160 character search summary
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added the Share this article template
Reviewed   a.serna03 copy and paste
Approved M scoobidiver new slug after change from .com to .org in T:ApplytoFx
Approved M Michael Verdi Put all steps before the screenshot. Important for Win because if you don't see that last step to click ok the setting won't be applied.
Approved M scoobidiver empty edit to make it localizable
Approved   scoobidiver fixed typo, action before screenshot, changed keywords
Approved M scoobidiver Applies to Firefox 4 and above
Approved M Michael Verdi Made instructions show for fx 3.6 users
Reviewed   AliceWyman Empty edit - see discussion: "This article does more harm than good"
Approved M Michael Verdi Added Template:Only in Fx4 to the top since I removed it from Template:Tracking
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Tweaks: added some {menu} stylings and extra space before an image
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi replaced major part of article with a template, put heading for last section inside showfor so it doesn't look weird for 3.6 users
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi updates for fx5
Reviewed   Underpass "General" tab
Reviewed   scoobidiver added general tab, screenshot Windows only, changed keywords
Approved M Cheng Wang Fixed tiny grammar issue
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Simplified the article, changed bulleted steps to numbered
Approved   smo toc, some texting, adding image and the how-to short-list at the end
Unreviewed   Cheng Wang New do not track article needs markup

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