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A Mexican Soft Drink Tries to Step Outside Its Niche Jane L. Levere wrote an article about the expansion and migration of the popular Mexican soft drink called Jarritos, by moving to Americanized stores such as Walmart and Sam’s Club. The campaign began in Los Angeles, CA on September 6th and the goal of the project was to get non-Hispanic young men to fall in love with the drink and influence other people into liking it. David Flynn is the marketing director of the private company known as Novamex, located in El Paso, Texas. Mr. Flynn said he targeted young men because they’re “independent thinkers, with a more bohemian lifestyle. We want to focus on one single group that will influence all things around them, including women.” They also believed Jarritos to be successful because it is a known item to Hispanics and there are a lot living in that city. The whole idea of the project is to get more people to like Jarritos by giving out samples. They have been giving them out in abundance in tricycles and large trucks. Comment: I agree completely with Mr. Flynn about spreading this delicious product around, especially in Americanized stores. This product is already huge in the Latino community and will continue to spread. If marketed correctly and consumers like, Jarritos will soon be as huge as local companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi. I like how they come in 11 different flavors and every flavor delivers a mouthwatering burst unlike a typical cola. Jarritos has unique flavors like mango and guava. The objective of his project to target young males is smart because they do influence a lot of the community. I think it would also be productive to have young females market this new Mexican soft drink. Having beautiful young Hispanic women as the face of the product will appeal to young men everywhere. I think their marketing of skulls and sombreros with street culture graffiti is the perfect way to target a younger audience. The addition of attractive females along with the street culture can increase their target audience. The reality is that Jarritos has a crisp, clean, and mild taste. Jarritos is perfect refreshment and it is sold in almost every Latino restaurant. It makes people feel at home, especially Hispanics, just like Horchata and homemade fruit drinks. I think it will introduce the United States to Hispanic cultures and hopefully in the future it will be more relative in pop culture.