How to Customize the New Mail Sound

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When you receive a new email message, Thunderbird plays a sound to alert you. By default, it uses your operating system’s new mail notification, but you can change it to anything you like.

To change the new mail sound:

1. In the Menu Bar, click Tools, then click Options.

Options in Tools Menu

2. Click the General tab.

3. Select "Use the following sound file".

NOTE: If "Use the following sound file" is grayed out, ensure the "Play a Sound" check box is selected.

4. Click Browse, then browse to the folder on your computer that contains the .WAV audio file you want to use.

TIP: Sound files in other formats such as .MP3 can easily be converted to .WAV. Use a media player like iTunes to convert a file, or a freeware application available on the web.

5. Double-click the file, then test it by clicking Play.

Choose and Play a custom sound file

6. Click OK.

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