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Unreviewed   huoraperkeele jyrkivaisa
Unreviewed   servesha present tense
Unreviewed   servesha Avoid future tense
Unreviewed   Kiki Hiding outdated video and content restructuring
Reviewed M codebreaker2290 Error in Grammar Rectified
Current   ashourinima2003 there was two grammatically issues in text and I edited it.
Approved   Fabi Wording
Unreviewed   Analia K prepositions, word choice
Approved   Angela Lazar Fix broken link
Approved M Chris Ilias s/IRC/Matrix
Reviewed M Lucky Austin I have changed to local Nyanja language.
Approved   Lan typo
Approved MT Michal Stanke Michał is no longer part of the team
Approved M Michal Stanke add link to markup cheat sheet
Approved M vesper changing to embedded video
Approved M vesper moving TOC to the bottom of the first article
Approved M vesper adding custom TOC
Approved M vesper added video
Unreviewed   Lan Link to the registration page
Approved   vesper adding more highlight to "next step" fragment
Approved MT vesper WIP, do not push live yet, thank you! [vesper]
Approved   Tonnes add article ('the') to previous edit
Approved M Lan New Subscribe button
Approved M user669794 removed share article
Approved M user669794 foum-->forum , On-->At
Approved M Joni made this more product-neutral.
Approved   Rosana removed my email address and redirected to the forums
Approved   Tonnes proper markup & English
Approved M Rosana added links to reviewer and locale leader documentation
Unreviewed   rock changes done such as spelling mistakes
Unreviewed   rock just a little
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta remove en-US
Approved   Andrew changes
Unreviewed   Rabbi Hossain Changed the search result summery.
Unreviewed   Rabbi Hossain Added Share Article Template
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added l10n forum information!!!!
Unreviewed   Swarnava Sengupta added l10n forum information!
Unreviewed   scoobidiver renamed keyword article
Unreviewed   scoobidiver various minor changes
Unreviewed   scoobidiver added link to keyword article
Approved M scoobidiver large diff case, reorganized
Unreviewed   scoobidiver Better presentation, more tips
Approved M Ibai Updated to reflect the new IA
Approved M scoobidiver Based on rard's revision, removed useless URL, replace .com by .org
Unreviewed   Rosana change the contact person for localizers
Unreviewed   Swarnava Sengupta turn
Approved M Michael Verdi empty edit to mark as ready for L10n
Approved   Kadir Topal fixed link to localization dashboard
Approved MT Kadir Topal Major update to almost all parts
Approved MT Kadir Topal removed outdated part
Approved M Kadir Topal adding help wanted section
Approved M Kadir Topal put in a toc, since it's a somewhat longish article
Approved M Michael Verdi changed link to the new for article
Approved   Michael Verdi fixed links and typos
Approved M Michael Verdi 1st draft of a new article
Approved   zzxc incorporate information from Contributor Home Page

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