Getting started with Pocket for Android Beta

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This page is intended for Pocket users interested in assisting with testing early versions of Pocket for Android. Please note that the beta is not suitable for everyone; it may lack the same level of polish you've grown accustomed to in Pocket and could be unstable or include incomplete features. Additionally, you can expect to hear from us periodically with requests for feedback.

If you require a reliable Pocket experience, we recommend sticking with the official version available on Google Play.

Continue reading to learn how to install Pocket for Android Beta, how to provide us with feedback, and what steps to take if you'd like to revert to the official version.

How to Install Pocket for Android Beta

To install the beta version, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Become a Tester button on the beta opt-in page.
  2. Open Google Play on your Android device. An update will be available to install the beta version.

If you encounter difficulties while attempting to install Pocket on your device, consider the following helpful tips:

  1. If you don't immediately see an update to Pocket in Google Play, please wait a few minutes. It may take some time for it to become available.
  2. Pocket Beta will replace the existing Pocket app on your device. If you have the beta version installed, you'll notice a "beta" badge on the app icon.

How to Send Us Feedback about Pocket for Android Beta

To provide feedback about Pocket's Android beta program, please contact Pocket Support.

How to Leave Pocket for Android Beta

If you prefer not to use Pocket for Android Beta and wish to switch back to the official version, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Pocket for Android Beta opt-in page.
  2. Click Leave the Program.
  3. Uninstall the beta version of Pocket from your device.
  4. Reinstall Pocket from Google Play.

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