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Questions on Firefox OS flashing their device? Below are all the references you will need in order to find the build. Whether you have a verification error or cannot boot an image and need to use the sd card they are all listed below based on phone.If you have not bricked your device and need to find which one it is please click here to identify it.

Troubleshooting Tools

How to find Carriers Support


  • If you did not purchase this device from ebay, please contact your carrier for support about updates.

If you have questions about US wireless carriers some information supporting this phone can be seen here


Developer: Flame

Other Devices:

Alcatel One Touch Fire Buri/Hamachi

  • This device currently only does over the air updates. Please contact your provider for more information
  • Backup Tutorial

LG Fireweb or Leo

  • This device is a closed device and currently has not been rooted.

Developer Phone Keon and Revolution

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