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This feature is in an experimental stage and is being introduced gradually. It may not be available to you at this time.

Starting with Firefox for Android version 120 and Firefox for iOS version 125, Firefox Suggest provides personalized website suggestions as you type in the address bar. This article will first detail the different types of suggestions you might encounter and guide you through customizing the Firefox Suggest settings on your mobile device.

Note: Firefox Suggest is currently only available in the United States. For users outside of the US, only local results (browsing history, bookmarks and open tab suggestions) are provided.
Firefox Suggest Mobile Overview

What settings are enabled by default?

The following settings are available in Firefox Suggest:

  • Browsing history – Page titles and web addresses from your history, using local data stored on your own computer.
  • Bookmarks – Page titles, web addresses and tags from your bookmarks.
  • Synced tabs – Pages that are open on your other devices signed in to the same Mozilla account.
Note: Firefox also provides Switch to tab suggestions for tabs open on your current device. These are separate from the Synced tabs feature and are not affected by this setting, meaning they cannot be disabled.
  • Suggestions from Firefox – Contextual suggestions from Firefox related to your search.
  • Suggestions from sponsors – Occasional sponsored suggestions related to your search.

They can be toggled on or off whenever you like. Here's how you can do it:


  1. Tap on the menu button Firefox menu Android.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Search.
  4. Toggle on/off the settings you'd like to enable/disable.
    Firefox Suggest Settings Android


  1. Tap on Menu hamburguer button.
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Search.
  4. Toggle on/off the settings you'd like to enable/disable.
    Firefox Suggest for iOS

To learn more about Firefox Suggest and your data, see this Mozilla blog post.

Who are Mozilla’s partners for sponsored suggestions?

We partner with organizations to serve up some of these suggestion types. Privacy is fundamental to Mozilla's mission, and we only work with partners that meet our privacy standards for Firefox. For sponsored results, we primarily work with adMarketplace, while also providing non-sponsored results from Wikipedia.

What additional data does Mozilla share with its partners for this experiment?

Firefox sends Mozilla data such as the number of times Firefox suggests or displays specific content and your clicks on that content, as well as basic data about your interactions with Firefox Suggest. Mozilla shares information about how many times suggestions are shown and suggestions clicked on in an aggregate manner with our partners for verification and feature improvement.

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