Firefox Lite Content and Services

Starting with Firefox Lite version 2.0, Content & Services is now a standard offering on Firefox Lite. Life Feed is no longer available. The Firefox Lite Content & Services consists of non-personalized and localized deals, news, games, and much more that is offered by our partners in certain countries. At the top of the Firefox Lite home screen, you can access this new offering by tapping on the available buttons.

Firefox Lite Home Screen

Market availablity

Users in India and Indonesia will see Shopping, Games and News content and services. Users in other countries will see Games and News content and services.

Data and privacy

In some cases, when you tap on suggested content, we will notify the third-party content owner that their content was found on Firefox Lite, but we won’t reveal who found it. If you access a partner’s site from Firefox Lite, you are subject to that partner’s privacy policy. See the Firefox Lite Privacy Notice for more details.

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