Firefox Election Bundle

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New Firefox downloads come with two add-ons to help you stay savvy this election season: Facebook Container which keeps Facebook from following you around the Web and ProPublica Facebook Political Ad Collector can help decode political ad targeting . Visit the Firefox Election Bundle page to download it.

The Firefox Election bundle is a project between ProPublica and the Mozilla Corporation.

How To Use The Firefox Facebook Container

Visit Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp like you normally would and it will automatically open in a special tab which contains your session to make it harder for Facebook to follow you and collect your data when you visit another site.

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How To Use The ProPublica Facebook Political Ad Collector

Log into Facebook and the ProPublica extension automatically collects the ads targeting your newsfeed. Click on the ProPublica icon in the Firefox toolbar to view those ads and compare them with ads other Facebook users are seeing. Want to learn more? This database sorts political ads based on who they were targeting.

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Since the Political Ad Collector was developed by ProPublica, not Mozilla, the ProPublica privacy policy applies to this add-on.

I already use Firefox

If you already have Firefox, you can install Facebook Container and ProPublica Facebook Political ad collector individually. Visit the Firefox Election Bundle page while on Firefox and you’ll see links to install the add-ons.

Can I use the Firefox Election bundle on my phone or tablet?

The Firefox Election bundle is available only for desktop or laptop computers.

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