File a bug report or feature request for Mozilla products

We currently support various products at ("SUMO"). At SUMO, we provide "How to" and troubleshooting help. Visit Bugzilla or GitHub to report a bug (defect) or request a new feature or enhancement. To request a new feature or enhancement for Firefox browsers, visit You can use the links in the below table.

Product name Bug report Feature request
Firefox Bugzilla
Firefox for Android GitHub (General issues)
Bugzilla (Only for security issues)
Firefox for iOS Bugzilla
Hubs GitHub GitHub
Firefox Focus GitHub (Focus-Android)
GitHub (Focus-iOS)
GitHub (Focus-Android)
Thunderbird Bugzilla Bugzilla
Firefox Reality GitHub GitHub
Firefox Lockwise GitHub (Lockwise-Android)
Github (Lockwise-iOS)
GitHub (Lockwise Add-on)
GitHub (Lockwise-Android)
Github (Lockwise-iOS)
GitHub (Lockwise-Add-on)

How to file a good bug report?
Click here to see Bugzilla's bug writing guidelines.

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