Do other participants need a Mozilla account to join my room?

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Visitors to a Hub do not require a Mozilla account. However, Hubs rooms are restricted to people whose accounts you have pre-approved to enter your Hub. While they do not require a Mozilla account, you will need to add them to your admin panel.

How do I pre-approve accounts to join my Hub?

To add approved accounts go to the Accounts tab in your Hubs admin dashboard and enter user emails in the top form field.

Can I pre-approve multiple accounts?

Yes. For multiple entries use the format: email, identity; email identity.


Identities are a label for the email, this makes them easier to find in the list (we hide people’s email accounts for privacy reasons).

If you would like to disable this privacy feature and make your Hubs publicly accessible:
  1. Go to the App settings tab of the admin dashboard and click Rooms from the upper menu.
  2. On this page, you can toggle off Require Accounts for Room Access.

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