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The big things this week

  • No big issues since the release of Firefox Beta 8, Mobile Beta 3, Firefox Home 1.1 and Sync 1.6
  • Fancy-schmancy SUMOdev schedule (links below)
  • Improved search on SUMO

Here are the notes from the wiki:

Sumo Development

  • Wrapping up 2.4.1. Freezing tomorrow and shipping Thursday. Will push out anything unfinished.
  • You can track all that sort of information on the fancy-schmancy schedule. It comes with .ics!
  • Mobile customization is pushed out to Q2


  • Cheng is out this week. Everyone: Write down your questions about the metrics dashboard to Cheng.

Knowledge Base

  • Working on timelines for Q1 goals
  • Our search is much better. Michael will write a blog post about it. Will continue working on SEO.


  • No big increase in forum traffic despite the new releases.