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Welcome to Firefox Support! From November 15, 20 community members have helped improve the experience of over 900,000 Firefox users.

Updates from the SUMO Team

This week, the SUMO team is working on documentation for Firefox 4 Beta, on launching the new Metrics Dashboard, and on testing the brand new Kitsune knowledge base platform. More details are available on the SUMO blog, along with ways you can help.

Watch a video about our last meeting:

What you can do

  • Check out the new help with Firefox 4 Beta Firefox 4 Beta support page, where we're posting links for the most commonly asked questions about the beta.
  • If you have an Android smartphone, get the latest Firefox 4 beta! (See the Mozilla Mobile home to download the latest version.)
  • Read our Mobile documentation and give us feedback. If you find something that isn't clear or isn't documented, contribute to the discussion in our forums.

This week's focus: Localizing the new support site

We're getting ready to launch an entirely new platform for our knowledge base (on November 30!), which will offer much more powerful editing and at least 10 times the speed of our old software. For localizers, these changes mean that translating the site will soon be greatly improved.

If you're a localizer, we need your help now to make sure the new site's interface is translated for your language before we launch. For more details, read Michael's post on the SUMO blog

New this week

There are a few issues we've noticed this week that we don't yet know solutions for. We're tracking these in the Contributors Forum

Other things happening this week

We provide support to users both an expansive knowledge base and through personal support, with the goal of making the Firefox experience great even when problems arise.

  • Support Forum: Our new support forums are even better this week, now with support for creating tags and previewing posts! Visit the new forum now!
  • Twitter and Social Networking: Users are talking about Firefox on social networking sites, voicing their praises and frustrations. You can help by responding to users, letting them know we care about their experience with Firefox. For more information, see our instructions for helping users on Twitter.
  • Team discussion: Have questions or feedback about helping with the project? Join our weekly meeting each Thursday at 10:00am PDT (UTC-07) on You can join the project channel now in #sumo or join #sumomtg at the scheduled time.