Content community best practices for Bugzilla tickets

Consider the following Bugzilla best practices and guidelines when contributing to the Knowledge Base Content queue within

Best practices

  • Add a comment within the Bugzilla ticket if you’d like to contribute and indicate the level of contribution (detailed below) you’d like to provide, using the “needinfo?” flag to ensure the assigned staff technical writer is notified.
  • Collaborate with the staff technical writer assigned to the ticket to determine next steps.
  • Add any updates or additional information to the Bugzilla ticket if there is communication with key stakeholders outside of the Bugzilla ticket (for example, in Matrix, Slack, direct message within SUMO email, etc).
  • Follow Mozilla Support (SUMO) article review guidelines.
  • When the request is complete (for example, content is updated, published, and approved), please share links to the updated content in the Bugzilla ticket and mark it as Resolved.

Levels of contribution for Bugzilla tickets

Complete ownership of the content update (NDAd contributors only)

Description: This level signifies full responsibility for the content update, encompassing all aspects, from gathering necessary information to making revisions and ensuring publication.

Responsibilities: Contributors at this level handle the entire process, from start to finish, including research, content creation, editing, and collaboration with stakeholders for final approval and publication.

Content updates after required information is gathered and provided by staff

Description: Contributors at this level focus on content updates once essential information has been gathered and provided by the staff. They do not engage in initial research or data collection.

Responsibilities: Their primary role is to work with the provided information, revising and updating content to ensure accuracy. Additionally, they collaborate with stakeholders for final approval and publication.

Content review only

Description: This category involves reviewing existing or new content for accuracy, relevance, and quality. Contributors at this level do not actively create or update content but concentrate on ensuring the content aligns with established standards.

Responsibilities: Reviewers assess content, provide feedback, recommend changes, and verify adherence to established guidelines. Their primary focus is on maintaining content quality and accuracy.

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