Clear browsing history in Firefox for iOS

Firefox stores websites you've visited in your history as you browse the Web. Follow these steps to delete your history.

  1. Tap the tab icon at the top of the screen.

    tab icon ios
  2. Tap the menu button at the bottom of the screen. (You might need to scroll all the way to the top of the page for the menu button to appear).

    Tap the Settings icon in the menu panel at the bottom of the screen. (You might need to swipe to the next panel first.)

    Don't see a menu button? You might be on an older version of Firefox. Please update to the latest version through the App Store.

  3. In the Firefox Settings menu, under the Privacy section, tap Clear Private Data.
  4. Tap the switch switchonios next to the types of information you'd like to remove.
  5. In the Clear Everything dialog, tap Clear to clear all of your data including history.
Caution: Clearing your private data will close all your active tabs.

What types of information can I remove?

  • Browsing History - addresses and cached text for websites you've visited. Clearing this will remove these websites from your top sites.
  • Cache - parts of web pages that are stored in the browser to make them load faster the next time you visit.
  • Cookies - files that contain information about your visit to a website, including site preferences and user information.
  • Offline Website Data - Files a website stores in your device (if you've allowed it) so you can continue to use it offline.
  • Saved Logins - Records of usernames and passwords.

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