Private Browsing in Firefox for iOS

Firefox's Private Browsing lets you browse the Web on your iPhone or iPad without saving your history. Open as many Private Tabs as you'd like, and switch between Private and regular browsing easily.

About Private Browsing

Private Browsing does not save history, cookies, passwords, site preferences, or temporary Internet files. It does keep bookmarks you've saved while in Private Browsing.

Private Browsing does not make you anonymous on the Web. Your Internet provider and websites themselves may still be able to track you.

Use Private Browsing

To use Private Browsing, simply open a Private Tab by following these steps:

  1. Tap the tab icon at the bottom of the screen.

    new tab ios 10
  2. Tap the mask button at the top of the screen to switch to Private Browsing. The mask will turn purple when you've entered Private Browsing.
    private browsing ios
  3. Tap the new tab button to open a Private Tab.
    new private tab ios
Tip: To open a link in a Private Tab, press on the link until the menu opens, then choose Open in a New Private Tab.

View open Private Tabs

To view a list of your open Private Tabs:

  1. Tap the tab list button on the upper-right corner of your screen.
    private tab list ios
  2. You'll see a list open Private Tabs.
    view private tab list ios
  3. Tap a tab to view the page, or tap the x to close the tab. Tabs will remain open until you tap x to close them.

Exit Private Browsing

To switch to regular browsing, tap the purple mask until it turns white.

private browsing ios
Your private tabs will remain open until you close them. To automatically close all Private Tabs when you switch to regular browsing, see Automatically close Private Tabs when leaving Private Browsing.

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