Installing Firefox

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Updating from a previous version?

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Firefox, see Update Firefox to the latest release.

Click on the operating system on which you are installing Firefox.

[[Installing Firefox on Windows|[[Image:vista.jpg|valign=middle]]Installing Firefox on Windows]]

[[Installing Firefox on Mac|[[Image:macos.jpg|valign=middle]]Installing Firefox on Mac]]

[[Installing Firefox on Linux|[[Image:linux.jpg|valign=middle]]Installing Firefox on Linux]]

Installing Firefox on mobile devices

Firefox is currently not available on any mobile devices. The Mozilla Corporation has announced plans to have a mobile version of Firefox called "Fennec", available by the end of 2009. For further information, see the Mobile Firefox project FAQ.

Firefox on the iPhone

Fennec (the mobile version of Firefox) cannot be produced for the Apple iPhone, because Apple's license does not allow iterative software on the iPhone.

Based on information from Installing Firefox (mozillaZine KB)