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Like Internet Explorer, Firefox is a web browser used to access web sites on the Internet. To help you get started, listed below are some differences you'll notice in Firefox from Internet Explorer.

Terminology Differences

Firefox and Internet Explorer share many of the same features, although some features have different names.

Internet Explorer Firefox
Internet Options Options
Temporary Internet Files Cache
Favorites Bookmarks in Firefox
Address Bar Location Bar
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Favorites Bar Bookmarks Toolbar - Display your favorite websites at the top of the Firefox window
Copy Shortcut Copy Link Location
Save Target As Save Link As

About Your IE Favorites and Settings

When you first open Firefox, you will be asked if you want to import Internet Explorer data and settings. This includes your saved Favorites, Cookies, History, and Preferences.

Importing data after you started using Firefox

If you do not choose to import your data when first starting Firefox, you can choose to do it later while Firefox is running.

  1. Open the File menu and select Import....
  2. Follow the guided steps to choose which data you want to import

Selecting data to import

Once you have chosen to import data from Internet Explorer, Firefox will ask you which data you would like to import. By default, all data is imported.

If you only want to import certain data, simply uncheck the boxes next to any data you don't want Firefox to load.


Default browser

When you click on an internet shortcut, a web browser is opened to load the web site. You can choose which web browser Windows opens when you click on these shortcuts.

To make Windows use Firefox for internet shortcuts, follow the instructions on how to make Firefox the default browser.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You will notice that Internet Explorer and Firefox share many of the same shortcut keys. For a full list of shortcut keys, see the List of Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts.

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