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How do I update Firefox OS?


I have a ZTE Open Firefox OS device. It is currently running build 20130723181018, which according to the Git commit information is over a month out of date. However, the device says that I'm on the nightly update channel: how do I get the nightly build onto my device?

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Thank you for reaching out to Mozilla Support about your issue. We are glad to assist you with your problem. After reading your issue, I would like to kindly ask you to update your device and applications if applicable.

Please check for updates by following these instructions:

Note:Updates will only download over Wi-fi to prevent data usage charges.

  1. Open the Settings application by tapping the Settings App (small) icon.
  2. Tap the Device Information button.
  3. Tap the Check now button.
  4. A notification will appear in the notication bar if an update is available.
  5. Swipe down the notification bar to get the utility tray and install the updates.

Did this fix your problem? Please report back to us!

Thank you!

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That seems to have updated the apps, but has not updated the core OS. On update, it remains at the month-old version, and not the latest build (that presumably was generated yesterday).

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I have this problem on the same phone with the same build. When I check for an update it just says "Checking for update..." and then nothing. No output what so ever, not even "No update available".

I do get a pop up at the bottom saying there was an error downloading updates.

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tagemul 0 solutions 1 answers
  1. Is there a way to manually update the OS?
  2. How can I enable logging so that I can see the error when trying to update the OS?

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johnrblake 0 solutions 1 answers

I do not have latest version on my phone, and no notification appears when I tap check now.

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Firefox OS updates can only be pushed out by the device maker. Much like Android and other mobile operating systems, the device manufacturer must compile the OS in order for the firmware update process to work.

Alternatively, you can compile Firefox OS and flash it to your device, but this is unsupported and only recommended for advanced users. While ZTE has not confirmed it yet, it is very likely Firefox OS 1.1 will be made available by ZTE in the coming weeks/months.

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It is 14th of December 2013 and no update from ZTE.

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Would compiling of an entire operating system be a viable option for a person who has never compiled anything from source codes in his entire life?

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mozillaMonger: In order to better assist you, I recommend opening up a new question for your issue by clicking here and when writing your question, provide your device manufacturer, model and region you are living in.

Thank you!

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My problem was solved with instructions from this link:


Thanks for making an effort in resolving the issue I was having. I realize that I have some learning to do with the netiquette of mozilla support.