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unagi flash with wiped phone memory


get a new unagi device, press and hold the volume down button and press power, on the menu wipe the data/factory reset and wipe cache partition (i'm using ubuntu 12.10) download the b2g git continue the process to flash you device again to make it work true this link (followed by 3 other pages)


or more faster http://blog.techno-barje.fr/post/2012/10/27/firefox-os-bootstrap/

when you do ./build.sh it gives you some error because it needs to check something on the phone that has been wiped.

i would be happy if some one could help me out

The only thing that i found on google was this but i can't access it (i need a username password but i don't know where to sign up) https://intranet.mozilla.org/B2G_Team/Unagi#Get_a_copy_of_backup-unagi you can contact me at awesome@soroushabtahi.com

(this is the error code that i get) : virex@virex-lap:~/B2G$ ./build.sh




Blob setup script has changed, re-running Pulling files from device Found unknown firmware with build ID OPENMASTER Please download a compatible backup-unagi directory. Check the unagi intranet page for information on how to get one.

> Build failed! <

Build with |./build.sh -j1| for better messages If all else fails, use |rm -rf objdir-gecko| to clobber gecko and |rm -rf out| to clobber everything else.

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Did you do the last suggestions? The rm -rf steps to clobber?

Based on your error message I would do that and update your repo again with the latest and try the steps all over again--things are changing so much in the code all day every day some script just will be out of date or maybe the build was broken that day when you did the clone.

Let me know how it is going and thanks for this question! If you still need more help, I will find someone to post back here with additional suggestions for you.


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it is still the same error (i checked today) any updates? if you got an unagi phone and you didn't flash it before, if you wipe the phone by pressing the volume down button and powering up and wiping the data/factory and the cache you will get the same error

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I finally get it fixed, it's because some drivers that are not available publicly