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When browsing with Firefox, any time I go to a field and try to type the text is entered backwards. How do I remedy this?


For example, say I go to craigslist and try to search for something. Whatever I search for will be typed out backwards. Every time you type a letter, the cursor defaults back to the beginning of the line. I have just updated to the most recent version of Firefox mobile but it had no effect.

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AaronMT 31 solutions 241 answers

It's very much possible that this fixed on a newer version of Firefox. Our IME developer has recently fixed a number of issues related to keyboard and text-input.

Can you try out Firefox Beta on Google Play and report back if things are working out for you?

If so, then you'll see the fix on a future version of Firefox.

If Firefox Beta still has the same issues, can you try out Aurora (http://aurora.mozilla.org), likewise report back here?

If still no good, can you file a bug here outlying your issue. Be sure to provide details like the page you're testing on, your device, keyboard you're using and which version of Android is on your phone or tablet.