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How do I take all the bookmarks on my android tablet and sync them with my desktop, if I've had to change my recovery key?


Anciallry to my profile becoming corrupted on Desktop Computer A (windows 7), and a subsequent sync of the corrupt information to Desktop Computer B (OSX 10.6), I'm left with all 1400ish bookmarks residing on Mobile Device C (Android Tablet).

During my attempts to restore, I had firefox services generate a new Recovery Key, prior to my knowing that my bookmarks were stored in "C".

when attempting to sync now, on the desktop, i see:

1349979922766    Sync.Service    DEBUG    Exception: Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsINavBookmarksService.removeFolderChildren] Stack trace: BStore_wipe()@resource:///modules/services-sync/engines/bookmarks.js:1253 < <file:unknown> < Engine__wipeClient()@resource://services-sync/engines.js:498 < <file:unknown> < WrappedNotify()@resource://services-sync/util.js:142 < <file:unknown> < Engine_wipeClient()@resource://services-sync/engines.js:504 < <file:unknown> < resource:///modules/services-sync/service.js:1563 < <file:unknown> < WrappedNotify()@resource://services-sync/util.js:142 < <file:unknown> < WeaveSvc_wipeClient()@resource:///modules/services-sync/service.js:1548 < resource:///modules/services-sync/service.js:1246 < <file:unknown> < WrappedNotify()@resource://services-sync/util.js:142 < WrappedLock()@resource://services-sync/util.js:97 < <file:unknown> < _lockedSync()@resource:///modules/services-sync/service.js:1186 < resource:///modules/services-sync/service.js:1177 < <file:unknown> < WrappedCatch()@resource://services-sync/util.js:71 < <file:unknown> < sync()@resource:///modules/services-sync/service.js:1165 < <file:unknown> < <file:unknown>
1349979922789    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979922800    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979922809    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979922819    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979922819    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979925683    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979925704    Sync.ErrorHandler    DEBUG    Beginning user-triggered sync.
1349979925705    Sync.Service    DEBUG    User-Agent: Firefox/15.0.1 FxSync/
1349979925705    Sync.Service    INFO    Starting sync at 2012-10-11 13:25:25
1349979925706    Sync.SyncScheduler    DEBUG    Clearing sync triggers and the global score.
1349979925706    Sync.Service    INFO    In sync().
1349979925707    Sync.Status    INFO    Resetting Status.
1349979925707    Sync.Status    DEBUG    Status.service: success.status_ok => success.status_ok
1349979925814    Sync.Resource    DEBUG    mesg: GET success 200 https://scl2-sync623.services.mozilla.com/1.1/vq5tgzklyepycf5agigiay47ime5ytho/info/collections
1349979925814    Sync.Resource    DEBUG    GET success 200 https://scl2-sync623.services.mozilla.com/1.1/vq5tgzklyepycf5agigiay47ime5ytho/info/collections
1349979925815    Sync.Service    DEBUG    Fetching global metadata record
1349979925815    Sync.Service    DEBUG    Weave Version: 1.17.0 Local Storage: 5 Remote Storage: 5
1349979925815    Sync.Service    INFO    Sync key is up-to-date: no need to upgrade.
1349979925815    Sync.Service    DEBUG    Fetching and verifying -- or generating -- symmetric keys.
1349979925815    Sync.Service    INFO    Testing info/collections: {"passwords":1349979572.28,"tabs":1349979636.47,"clients":1349979114.63,"crypto":1349974699.42,"forms":1349979571.23,"meta":1349975849.38,"prefs":1349975802.81,"bookmarks":1349976817.63,"addons":1349979226.66,"history":1349979571.65}
1349979925815    Sync.CollectionKeys    INFO    Testing for updateNeeded. Last modified: 1349974699.42
1349979925815    Sync.Service    DEBUG    Refreshing client list.
1349979925817    Sync.Engine.Clients    INFO    0 outgoing items pre-reconciliation
1349979925818    Sync.Engine.Clients    INFO    Records: 0 applied, 0 successfully, 0 failed to apply, 0 newly failed to apply, 0 reconciled.
1349979925944    Sync.Collection    DEBUG    mesg: GET success 200 https://scl2-sync623.services.mozilla.com/1.1/vq5tgzklyepycf5agigiay47ime5ytho/storage/bookmarks?full=1&sort=newest&limit=1
1349979925944    Sync.Collection    DEBUG    GET success 200 https://scl2-sync623.services.mozilla.com/1.1/vq5tgzklyepycf5agigiay47ime5ytho/storage/bookmarks?full=1&sort=newest&limit=1
1349979925945    Sync.Engine.Bookmarks    DEBUG    Resetting bookmarks last sync time
1349979925945    Sync.Engine.Bookmarks    DEBUG    Deleting all local data
1349979926487    Sync.SyncScheduler    DEBUG    Sync error count has exceeded 3; enforcing backoff.
1349979926488    Sync.SyncScheduler    DEBUG    Starting client-initiated backoff. Next sync in 2777931 ms.
1349979926488    Sync.SyncScheduler    DEBUG    Next sync in 2777931 ms.

the android device logs arent as friendly to export, but i see similar complaints about crypto.

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rnewman@mozilla.com 13 solutions 105 answers

Helpful Reply

It sounds like your desktop profile is (still?) corrupt; it's failing to process the wipe on bookmarks. So let's be super thorough: we'll clean up the desktop, then reconnect so the Android device's data will replace it.

My suggestion is to do the following. Read all of the steps before you start. I recommend that your Android device is on wifi.

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Accounts & sync. Remove your Sync account. Your Firefox profile will be unchanged.
  2. On your desktop, create a new profile.
  3. On the new profile, assuming you want to re-use your Sync account, follow the instructions below.
  4. Re-pair your Android device with the new desktop profile, and wait for it to finish syncing before syncing the desktop.

Connecting to an existing sync account:

  1. Set Up Sync
  2. I have an account
  3. I don't have the device with me
  4. Enter username and password, choose "I have lost my other device"
  5. You'll get a dialog with a new recovery key. Choose "Change recovery key".

Let me know if you have any problems!

Helpful Reply

Nailed it. Fixed.

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deesto 0 solutions 3 answers

I see this same "unknown" JS file error in my weave logs on one client, and this being after all of my bookmarks were somehow lost on all of the clients in my account. In addition, my Firefox client on Ubuntu incessently displays this pop-up message: "Sync encountered an error while syncing: Unknown error. Sync will automatically retry this action. [Sync Now]" And whether I click "Sync Now" or "x" to close it, it pops right back up again. The only way I got this to stop on my other clients was to eliminate all `places.*` files, which didn't help to recover anything but at least stopped the error. I've done that here and it doesn't seem to help. What causes this problem (simultaneously on all of my clients at one time), and how can I stop it?