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Firefox home will not install on my iPhone


Firefox Home shows up as "purchased" in my apps listings for/on my iPhone 3G but will not install on my phone either through iTunes syncing or through my iPhone apps application. What is wrong? All other apps install, deinstalled, and reinstall fine. The app used to work fine, but one day I noticed it was missing from my phone and now it won't reload.

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Strange - You can't even install it directly on the phone from the App Store. Have a look this Apple troubleshooting article. Beyond that, Apple would probably be better equipped to help you.

Let us know if you have any new information.

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I followed the Apple Support Forum conversations and fixes to get my phone to sync properly without having Firefox Home checked to sync. After going through a phone restore, my phone began syncing correctly again -not crashing. I then thought I'd try to add Firefox Home again. It crashed again immediately and repeated all the same behavior as before. So, I've now deleted Firefox Home and am going through the restore process again to get it back to syncing normally. It has the feel of software conflicts. For now, I'm simply not going to have that handy app. All of this started after the most recent upgrades of both iTunes and iPhone software. There some buggy thing happening that effects your app! Hope Apple addresses it soon. If others want to follow the conversation on the Apple side of things, here is the link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3375382?start=0&tstart=0

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