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Mouse pointer blinks off if not moved for 2 seconds.


Upgraded to FF 4 RC today... great so far. Fast!

One issue: the mouse pointer turns off after 2 seconds if there's no mouse movement, and sometimes blinks on and off a few times before disappearing.

Questions: Is this a new feature? Is this a bug? Can it be changed in about:config? Thanks.

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Hmmm... odd. I've changed nothing, yet it is no longer doing it. I'll repost if it starts again.

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octoberasian 0 solutions 7 answers

I have the same issue with Firefox 4 RC1 as well. Ever since moving from FF4 beta 13 to RC1, cursor keeps blinking.

Turning off Hardware acceleration doesn't work nor does disabling Flash. My system is the following:

  • Windows 7 x64 SP1
  • Radeon 5770 with Catalyst v11.1

I could try updating my drivers but FF4 beta 12 kept crashing with Catalyst 11.2 so I went back to 11.1.

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octoberasian 0 solutions 7 answers

Well, I just ruled out driver problems as the cause. Neither Catalyst 11.1a or Catalyst 11.2 fix it. The problem is within and started with FF4 RC and the March 15 build of Beta 13 Preview (and possibly future builds if this doesn't get fixed).

helf 0 solutions 1 answers

I have same problem. My pointer was blinking all the time. This wasn't blinking like in "Word" text procesing, it was very fast 'normal pointer' blinking. So "F7 key" was not solution for my problem.

I have solve my problem. Since I was using Firefox 4 prerelease (beta) that didn't suport Greasemonkey, I have then installed Greasemonkey 'night build'. Blinking started after full version of Firefox 4 released and updated automaticly. This problem iritate me for long time. Today I have installed Greasemonkey 0.9.1 (regular build) over the old 'night edition' (update it). Blinking pointer problem is now gone.

I hope this will help someone.

Edit: It seems this didn't solve my problem. Problem is in Flash. Some flash animations (not all) is making my pointer blinking. At a moment when I move pointer on specific flash animation evrithing is ok, but problem persist when moving pointer throug page. Don't have solution jet. Could it bi that I have too old PC hardver? I hate this flash - You can't live without it and you can't live whit it... :(

For now Adblock is evrithing i can manage on.

Best regards!

P.S. Sorry for bad english ;)

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Helpful Reply

close one by one the tabs..one tab i corrupted..you will find it..and when you reopen it everything will be allright!! SOLVED