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Does firefox for mobile (on android) support adobe flash player?


I wish to view videos on you tube using adobe flash player from my HTC Desire running android 2.2, but need to know if this browser supports adobe flash player.

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Hey, Firefox. If you see so many leave firefox for other browsers for this reason, why don't you add it? It's Feb 19, 2012. Still no Flash on my Xoom tablet firefox. Hurry, quick!

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Matt Brubeck 147 solutions 1390 answers

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Update: Firefox for Android now includes supports for Flash content. You'll need the Adobe Flash plugin, which is no longer available in the app market, but you can still download it directly from Adobe. For details, see How do I watch Flash videos with Firefox for Android?

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@mbrubeck...many thanks to you

regthedonk 0 solutions 1 answers

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Hi mbrubeck - I know that HTML5 is supposed to be the way forward, but I'd like to echo brysil's thoughts. Android is becoming hugely popular and there's many web sites that will still use flash for their content for the next few years. Most of the sites I visit, for my job and for pleasure, use flash. Though the browser that comes with android already supports flash, I'd REALLY like to use Firefox as the snyc is great and it would make life so much easier. If you guys would pursue getting a flash plug-in, I think Firefox would soon become THE browser for Android.

dabigbrothap 0 solutions 1 answers

Awe man, I was so excited when I discovered my favorite desktop browser was available for Android. My first thought was replacing Dolphin HD which I love but it is a bit slow. But with no Flash then it is almost no use for me. I guess I will stick with Dolphin as my default and the stock browser (both of which support flash on my EVO) for its quickness until Firefox gets a Flash plugin ready.

SqueebOnFire 0 solutions 1 answers

I just wanted to also show support for a future Flash support. I really like the Firefox mobile browser, but am unable to use it as my primary because of this limitation. Thanks for the answer, and I look forward to its support.

Touch_Pete 0 solutions 1 answers

Very disappointing, I was set to make Firefox my default browser until I discovered that it does not support flash. I guess I will have to go back to Dolphin which does support it. You need to fix this quickly as there are still too many sites using Flash. Support for Flash was one of the reasons I did not opt for an iPhone and chose Android instead when I left Windows Mobile.

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jstevens74 0 solutions 1 answers

I guess we shouldnt just expect it to run flash. I made firefox my default browser and BOOM no flash? REALLY? changed back to dolphin,.

damenchoy 0 solutions 1 answers

very very disappointing.... I think no one will use it if it does not support flash. Mozilla firefox is a very popular browser in PC but it is quite embarrassing the Android version lacks the Flash Supprt. Uninstalling it now.

mttfrog13 0 solutions 1 answers

I really don't mind not having flash on my mobile phone. I mean what's so bad about having to play videos in the youtube app. And then who needs flash games when we have the whole android market. As controlling as apple and wp7 are, they had a good reason for keeping flash off of their phones. It just makes everything laggy, and who wants those flash ads anyway?

jd_rocker13 0 solutions 1 answers

very disappointing mozilla! I really love using firefox on my pc and mac and was excited to use it on my htc evo. i honestly might go back to using my native browser because it has flash capabilities. hello, how do you expect me to piss off all my buddies using iphones if I can't bring up a flash website? ;-)

xenoscr 0 solutions 1 answers

What good is a browser without Flash these days. Just about everything has Flash content. Why even bother releasing stripped down more limited browser that's substandard to the included Browser app? I think someone jumped the gun a bit on this one.

Axemonkey 0 solutions 1 answers

Very, very disappointing. I have been anticipating the release of FF for Android on my Milestone for months and months and months. FINALLY Motorola releases Android 2.2 with Flash support, and Mozilla drops the ball on having Flash in the Android version of FF.

I guess I expect more from you guys.. I won't be using FF for Android until you guys get the Flash going on it.

tomofpittsburgh 0 solutions 1 answers

That's too bad. I was starting to think you guys were back in the game. You know, since there are so many other browsers that we can use that DO work with Flash. It was running so fast too! I guess I'll be heading back to Miren now. Or Dolphin. Or maybe the stock browser....

tmbp 0 solutions 2 answers

Try the dolphin browser for Android - beats the firefox hands down! I love it, and they have found a great solution for Android users, every plugin available.

tmbp 0 solutions 2 answers

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that it should be made clear to Android users not to download this if the Flash is not available. I downloaded it, and then removed it. I am sure that us Android users want to limit the amount of downloading and removal procedures on our phones, as it may mess up the registry. Thanks!

Executor32 0 solutions 1 answers
  • facepalm*

No, it won't mess up the registry, because there isn't one. Android is based on Linux, not Windows, so apps are self-contained. When you uninstall one, it's gone, save for any resources stored on the SD card.

Anyway, Opera Mobile also supports Flash, and the default behavior is click-to-load, so it sort of has a built-in ad blocker, too. I prefer its interface and user experience to Dolphin's, which feels kind of clunky to me.

AMDphreak 0 solutions 4 answers

"I am sure that us Android users want to limit the amount of downloading and removal procedures on our phones, as it may mess up the registry. Thanks!"

How could you be so dumb? Google would never make an architectural mistake that is as retarded as Microsoft's Windows registry.

If anything the people who first noticed and criticized the crappy Windows registry are the very same people working on Android right now.

Seadart1 0 solutions 3 answers

It is now 7 Jan 2012 and STILL flash does not work on Firefox in Android!!!! Using Opera a lot now and going to check out Dolphin Firfox has gone steeply downhill recently in other areas too - Bye Firefox.

edwardzou 1 solutions 3 answers

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Hey, Firefox. If you see so many leave firefox for other browsers for this reason, why don't you add it? It's Feb 19, 2012. Still no Flash on my Xoom tablet firefox. Hurry, quick!

Seadart1 0 solutions 3 answers

A year ago it was Firefox 4 and they were 'working'on a flash solution. It is now Firefox 11 or so, a year later and still no Flash. I understand that there are security concerns with Flash but other browsers seem to cope so why not Firefox. If there are indeed security problems, then is not a company as big as Adobe not busy fixing them? 17 Feb 2012

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