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How do I activate flash in firefox mobile beta?

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I'm unable to view any video on youtube

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[Edited by Moderator] Firefox for Android now supports Flash, see How do I watch Flash videos with Firefox for Android? and How do I watch Flash videos with Firefox for Android?

Thanks, Michelle

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Update: The latest pre-release version from the Aurora channel supports Flash on Android 2 and on Android 4. (Flash is not working yet on Android 3 "Honeycomb" devices.)

Sorry, Firefox 4 beta for Android is not compatible with Flash. We will work with Adobe to add Flash support to a future version.

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Can you please tell me if there is any idea when this will be done. I bought my wife, who is disabled, a Samsung Tab for Christmas.

She is very upset she can not got to her ministry websites and play videos there, because they are all flash.

Help Please!

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rwatts77, we don't have a schedule planned for when Firefox and Flash will be compatible on Android.

You can download Flash from the Android Market, and it will work with the built-in browser for your wife's Galaxy Tab, and with several other browsers available from the Market.

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I'm a little bit disappointed, I though Firefox was in the forefront of the progress

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It is. Have you seen the amazing breakthroughs in the latest version of Firefox? I too was a little bummed out at the lack of Flash but considering HTML 5 will soon over-take Flash, well, Firefox 4 Mobile is in the forefront of progress, but websites still using flash videos need to catch up.

For now it's probably best to follow mbrubeck's advice and stick with the default android browser.

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I use both the default browser that came with my EVO and Firefox. FF is my primary browser and if I come to a page that wants me to use flash, I switch to the default browser. There is a specific You Tube app for android if that's what you want to view the most.

That being said.... those are work-arounds and it would be MUCH NICER if I could just use FF for everything.


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Wow, disabled wife, Christmas and religion all in one breath. Well nobody else will say it so I will: nobody cares about your sob story so quit using your wife for sympathy. Next time do better research before letting down your wife.

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This is a pretty huge fail on Mozilla's part. Finally, when iPhone and Android get flash support, Mozilla decides to compete in the mobile browser market and falls way short of being a contender. HTML5 isn't widely adopted and won't be for years, and until then Flash will continue to be on top. How does anyone release a browser for any platform and not include support for Flash these days? It makes Firefox for Android almost completely useless - the browser should have been held back for release, or at least held in a beta stage, until Flash support was included. I was looking forward to this browser and to try out the sync options with my desktop - but I can already do that with Chrome and Android and I get flash support. Is Mozilla slipping?

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"almost completely useless"? Are you kidding me? It's actually quite good. I went looking for it as soon as I got my XOOM because a site I was trying to use wasn't rendering great in the built-in browser (Chrome variant I guess). At any rate it did suck when I followed a link to a Youtube video and it showed that a plugin was required and wouldn't at least launch the Youtube app. However, even despite that it is my default browser.

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How do I watch Flash videos with Firefox for Android? This article explains how to get a great YouTube experience using the Phony add-on.

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I think I love you.

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Please spare me... Im writing this reply on my android stock browser that is much better even in html5 than ff. Flash Player is not the future... Wow please get me noticed when html compete in the same quality as fp11 when it comes to games or immersive multimedia... Please do.

This was brought to you by a Flash developer and a html guru...

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I use the Dolphin Browser on my EVO 4G. Supports Flash and is a much more user friendly browser than EVO's default. I would switch to Firefox exclusively if it supported Flash.

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Firefox is slowly becoming lamer, and lamer. First off, why is it that Forcastfox is no longer available, although it still works (at least in v3.6.17)? Have you ever used (or seen it's replacement?)

Secondly what's with the anti-flash attitude? I can understand this if you were Crapple, but your Mozilla, and you should be doing better then this.

If you do not get your stuff together soon I'm gonna have to find not only a different Browser (and sadly none on Android are worth a damn!), but also for my Laptop, as well...

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It is not a matter of being anti-flash but a matter of completing the required to run the Flash plugin in mobile Firefox on Android.

Also one needs at least Android 2.2 to even have Flash.

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I would've thought that the majority (who had a clue @ time of purchase), would have already gotten a Phone with Android 2.2 on it. Its not like they are that rare. That, and besides the fact that most everyone I know are all up on Gingerbread which I'm sure you know is v2.3.3 of the Android OS.

So yeah my Phone does Flash I only have to update it like every other day though Androids App Market. And unless I miss my bet Flash does indeed work under Opera 11 Mobile for Android.

Shame it doesn't come Firefox's best Plug-in though ABP though. Which really is just about the only real reason why I even bother to use Firefox in the first place. It's just a shame that I have to balance my love of Flash (Video), for my even deeper love of ABP.

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A big brand name maybe you are more likely to have 2.2 or newer to start with or a update but with a Chinese brand is not uncommon to still only come with Android 2.1 is last few months for tablets.

Even some newish phones still come with the not supported ARM v6 type of cpu, mostly budget versions though.

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Hey iswiss, You can use this method to watch the youtube vidoes.

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Hi, For next vrrsion we look for new things: 1_ support flash in web pages with active and deactive option. 2_ we can select text in web pages then copy it or search about it. 3_ add addons can translate text or whol page for other languages depandans google translate. 4_ we scroll down or up fast ,will show botton on mobile screen to go for up or end of page. 5_ english spell check for writting.

Best wishes,

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