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As I have already told about JavaScript Disabling Options in this Super-Advanced browser. Thank You Very much for Your Kind Support Sir. As I have told that I use both Chrome and More of Firefox browser only for Educational purpose as a Computer Science Student and never for Watching Movies and Other crap on the internet. I'll Openly say One thing sir I'll never use either incognito mode in chrome browser nor your Private tab mode in Firefox browser and you know why most other people use Incognito or private mode for.

Google Chrome is forcing us to see Unnecessary images and ads on websites we visit for a good purpose and some websites we browse through Chrome browser are forcing us to redirect to some nasty 'porn' sites under the guise of a good websites. Sir I'm a loner now and I want to be loner For all my life doing nothing except good because I have Suffered a lot in my life for a long time because of this nasty issue and still suffering. I've decided one thing sir There is no way to be happy except to do good to others and educate myself slowly and educate others with NECESSARY knowledge. I'm usually a Slow learner as far as Computer science or Electrical engineering is concerned But I always want to know about science and technology For good purpose ONLY sir. The Google play store has offered Maximum parental Controls option for showing Apps only for 3+ rated so I have it set always. But The books and movies/TV apps are not Configured for Showing 3+ rated content and we are forced to watch Sh*t Even in books and Movies app by accident . Strictly speaking I don't need any Google-books and I don't watch any movies at-all because movies/TV-shows these days are like Bunches of them like Pigs in a Pigsty whereever on the whole earth.

Not to speak of Google-books and movies/TV-shows but there is Super-Gigantic amount of UNNECESSARY content on the Internet these days and you know what I mean.

The images-blocking option in this beautiful Browser is Really helping me like a GUARDIAN ANGEL but nobody else in this world is perfect sir. My small request is please Provide us the option of SUPER-EXTREME Parental Controls like not just any sex images or animations or videos should appear before my eyes even the words like 'porn', 'sex', 'love', or any related words should also appear before my eyes when I browse a website for Educational purpose. Who can tell that which website redirects to which site beforehand when we click on a Hyperlink. A computer application or a browser application can be programmed in anyway as far as my slow-learning knowledge is concerned.

Please Help us poor people like us. Sh*t is for poor people and clean things for rich people. Smart people only can become rich and dumb and slow- learners always stay poor. Good people are Very-hard to find by and I hope the designers of this browser stay always Good and GOD JESUS Help them all.

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Thnak you for your question.

This article will help you to set parental controls in Firefox for Android:

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Thnak you for your question.

This article will help you to set parental controls in Firefox for Android:

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Thank you very much sir Enough questions nothing else anymore from me. I have added your add-ons on to my browser I'll use to my maximum knowledge to how to use your add-ons and for a good purpose.

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Thank you very much for your kind support sir.

Plz Listen to my suffering if you are a good person Sir.

Many Rich People and other pigs all around the world say that Mac OS X ,Macbook Pros and iphones and iPads are Best of every other Computer devices in this world. I have Never bought an Apple device until even by 2020. All I have is my Entry-level Windows PC and an Affordable Android Smartphone no Tablet computers because Apple devices are Filthy-Costly and What exactly make me suffer More is the intrusive Ads on my Smartphone's Google Chrome browser showing fraud deals to buy iphones and iPads and other Apple devices. What Android phones and Android devices are Cheap when compared to Apple phones and tablets Sir? Is Windows Operating System is a cheap Operating system when compared to Mac-OS X. Whatever may be the device whether it is Android or windows or iPhone/iPad it depends on what good purpose you use it for.

I have told everything already in my previous posts and replies. With the help of Some good people like you I can Make my Android devices and Windows-PC look more beautiful than iphones/ iPads and MacBook pros.

Of course I want to buy Apple devices like iphones/ iPads And MacBook pros as long as I use them for a good purpose. What is the NECESSITY to make these iphones/iPads and MacBook pros Filthy-Costly

Please help us Poor people to fight against the Filth existing in the Present-day World by whatever means because I have suffered for a very longtime in my past And I'm still suffering because of this High-tech filth. Now I want to FIGHT against this internet and TV-Filth even though I don't have enough Capability.

Thank you So Far for your kind support for add-ons like JavaScript-disabling, Parental-Controls etc. I'll always use my only Smartphone and my Only PC Only for a Good-Purpose as long as I live with the help of Good people like You.

Thank you Very much Once Again for Providing Images-blocking Option in your beautiful Browser ever-designed. NEVER-EVER remove this Images-blocking Option in your Fire fox browser because it is Helping me a lot.

Thank You Sir