How To

Articles that tell you how you can do more with Thunderbird

  • Display the Thunderbird menus and toolbar The menu items File, Edit, View, etc. are located in the menu bar. This article will help you restore a missing menu bar.
  • How to create and use Mailing Lists A mailing list is used to send one email to a group of contacts. This article explains how to create and use mailing lists in Thunderbird.
  • Add Security Exception This article explains Thunderbird's communication security, and shows how to add an rule that exempts messages when the "'''Add Security Exception'''" dialog is displayed.
  • Uninstall Thunderbird from your computer This article will explain how to uninstall Thunderbird from your computer
  • Adding a holiday calendar This article describes how to add a holiday calendar to the latest version of Lightning (a popular calendaring add-on for Thunderbird).
  • Add Search Engine to Open Search Open Search enables Thunderbird users to search various websites from within Thunderbird. This article describes how to add additional websites to the Open Search interface.