What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 100)

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Welcome to a new version of Firefox for iOS (version 100). This release comes with the following improvements and features:

Celebrate Firefox 100 with new wallpapers

Two new wallpapers, Beach vibes and Twilight hills, are now available globally. Tap the Customize Homepage button on your homepage and tap Wallpaper to select one that suits your style. Learn more about changing your wallpaper.

View search term groups on your homepage and in your history

You can now view groups of related sites that you have visited, so you can easily get back to your search. Tap the search term group under Recently Visited to view the list of sites within the group.

Search term groups are also shown as a list item in the History panel, with the most recently accessed items at the beginning of the list.

Search your browsing history

You can search your history within the History panel. Tap the Search icon fx icon Open the file's folder Mac to begin your search. You can clear your text with the Cancel icon fx icon cancel download and minimize the search bar by scrolling the background or tapping Go. See this article for step-by-step instructions.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • After selecting a bookmark from a folder, the folder will no longer revert to the main Bookmark page, where you have to select the folder again.
  • You can now successfully complete the pairing process for sign in to Sync after switching back from the authenticator app.

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