What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 3.0)

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Nice to see you again! This version of Firefox includes improvements that let you access popular web pages quickly and keep your saved passwords safer with a passcode or Touch ID.

Extra password security with Touch ID

Activate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to protect your saved passwords. By activating Touch ID, Firefox will ask for either a passcode or a fingerprint every time someone tries to access your saved passwords on your device.

touchid pw

To set up a passcode or Touch ID, see Set up a passcode and Touch ID in Firefox. To learn more about managing saved logins, see Manage saved passwords in Firefox for iOS.

Autocomplete for popular web addresses

Visit popular websites quickly without typing in the entire address. When you start entering a popular web address, Firefox will automatically complete it for you. If there are several possible addresses for the website you are typing, Firefox will suggest possible domains.

Discover popular sites on your home screen

If you have not yet synced Firefox with other devices, it will suggest five of the top-ranked sites for your country. These sites will eventually be replaced by your most recently and frequently visited sites as you continue to use Firefox. You can also delete a top site by pressing down on one of them, then tapping the x.

top sites ios 3.0

To learn more about the newest version of Firefox for iOS, see What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 6.0).

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