What's new in Firefox for iOS 16

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Welcome to the newest Firefox for iOS release. This upgrade gives you easier access to your Library and logins, and a better search experience.

Library Links on Firefox Home

Access your Library (bookmarks, history, reading list and downloads) directly on the Firefox Home page.

library firefox home ios

See Find my bookmarks, history and reading list on Firefox for iOS for more information.

Easy access to your saved passwords

Access your saved logins by tapping the menu button. Managing your passwords is now easier than ever.

logins ios 16

See Manage saved passwords in Firefox for iOS for more information.

Modern search bar

Firefox has a new, modern search bar. It’s bigger, easier-to-view to make searching easier.

search bar ios 16

An easier way to clear your history

You can now clear your history from the History panel, rather than going through the Settings menu.

clear history ios 16

Preview your settings

Your selections are visible from the Settings menu, so you can view them without tapping on them.

settings preview 16

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