What’s New with Colorways?

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This article describes changes to the availability of Colorway themes on February 8, 2022, with the release of Firefox version 97.

What happened to my Colorway themes?

On February 8, 2022, the 18 Colorway themes introduced in Firefox version 94 have expired. This signals the end of a special, limited-time feature set. However, you can keep your favorite Colorway theme, as long as you were using it on the expiration date. In other words, if a Colorway theme was “enabled” in the Add-ons manager Themes panel, that Colorway is yours forever.

Click the menu button Fx89menuButton, click Add-ons and themes and select Themes. This takes you to the Add-ons manager Themes panel. The theme being used will be shown at the top, under Enabled.


After the version 94 Colorways collection has expired, you’ll notice some changes in the Add-ons manager. The Colorways section will no longer appear, and your active, enabled Colorway will persist in the “Enabled” section amongst other system and third-party themes. Once you disable the Colorway, it will populate under the “Disabled” section.

What if I don’t upgrade to Firefox version 97?

Regardless of version (version 94 and beyond), you will continue to have access to the version 94 Colorways you had actively enabled at midnight February 8, 2022.

Will I still keep my old Colorway theme after I upgrade to Firefox 97?

Yes. When you upgrade to Firefox version 97, you maintain access to the Firefox 94 Colorway that you had enabled on February 8, 2022 and you get access to all six new Colorways. Your 94 Colorway theme and the new 97 collection will all be available within the Add-ons manager.

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