What happened to Firefox Send?

Firefox Send is temporarily unavailable while we work on improvements to the product. In light of recent reports of Firefox Send being used to distribute malware we have decided to temporarily take the service offline to implement new features, including:

  • An improved abuse reporting capability
  • A requirement that users have a Firefox Account to share content

We are also evaluating other features and capabilities to improve Firefox Send.

What happened to any files I was sharing?

Unfortunately, these files have been securely wiped from our server. If you’ve shared a file from your computer or device, the files will still be available on those devices and have not been moved or altered in any way.

Was any of my data breached?

No, none of the files you shared with Firefox Send were compromised in any way, nor was the data in your Firefox account at risk. Firefox Send’s security was not compromised in any way.

When will Firefox Send be back?

We are actively working on improving the service and intend to bring it back soon.

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